Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Keeping Up With...Zachary

Happy 2nd Birthday Zachary Christopher!!

You shocked everyone with how big you were when you arrived on 2/8/12.  I knew you were really big when I heard my doctor say, "Wow, he's even bigger than we thought he was."  You continue to be a big boy, weighing in around 30 pounds at your last doctor's appointment.  We have your 2 year check up next week, I'm eager to see how much you've grown.

We had to document your weight, big boy!
Just a few hours old

Your brothers loved you instantly.  They were so excited to meet you and were even more excited when they got to the hospital and you had a super hero blanket.  You all continue to be close, and now that you're getting bigger I love to watch you all play together.  They have been asking since you were born for all 3 of you to share a room.  As soon as you get the sleeping thru the night thing down, we'll move you in there with them.

Meeting baby brother
Watching your personality develop is amazing.  You are so much fun to be around, always laughing with that contagious laugh.  And now you talk all the time!!  Your vocabulary & sentences continue to amaze me.  You dictate everything we see when we're out driving, which usually consists of snow & trees but somehow you make it all exciting.  You do have quite a stubborn streak I have no idea where you got that, certainly not the Latacz side and you really keep us on our toes.  You get into more than your fair share of trouble.  You are a great climber, runner, tumbler and ball thrower already.  You are also great about playing by yourself when everyone else is busy with life.

I can't wait to see what this year brings for you.  You have just started soccer and I think you'll continue with those classes.  I know you love sports & can't wait to see which ones you decide to do as you get older.  We will also be starting a music class soon since you love singing, dancing and playing music.

I hope you always keep your sense of humor, love for your brothers, stubbornness, independence and happy attitude.  I'm so enjoying getting to know you as you grow, learn and change.  Enjoy your last year before school starts, I know I plan to!  Can't wait for many more adventures with you Zak Attack!!

First photo shoot - about 6 months old
First Birthday!!
Fall 2013 - about 18 months old
Two Years Old!!

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