Sunday, January 13, 2013

Daniel's Christmas

Just like AJ, Daniel had a fantastic Christmas!  He was on Santa's nice list & got the Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle he was asking for.  He also got the Batcave and tons of accessories for both things.
Daniel & his castle

In my opinion, the coolest part about this castle is that it interacts with the accessories for it.  For example, their grandmother bought the boys the dragon that goes with this.  Every time it gets near it, the castle starts screaming "DRAGON!" or "Don't be dinner!" or "Stay away from his mouth!"  It cracks me and the boys up.  Their favorite saying is when you open the draw bridge it says "Who is it?"

Our Imaginext corner - that bag is full of guys, cars, costumes, etc

I also have to give credit where credit is due...Daniel continues to be a great big brother & may be responsible for the great sleep we've all been enjoying the past few days.  About a week ago at bed time, we were all upstairs together.  Daniel found Zak's Donald Duck stuffed animal & gave it to him to go to bed with.  After I weighed the pros & cons of an animal in the crib, I let it go (I was really tired!)  Well since then, Zak has been sleeping through the night.  Maybe he just needed a "guy" to sleep with.  Thanks Daniel!!

I love this picture of me & Daniel

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