Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thankful Thursday - Hand Me Downs!

This may look like 6 bags of trash to you but it is 6 bags full of hand me downs!  We have been very blessed to get a ton of clothes, toys, equipment, etc for our kids from our loving & generous friends.  I'm so thankful for all of it!  But recently, it has kind of slowed down.  Not because our friends changed, but because have you ever seen clothes after a 5/6/7 year old boy wears them for a while?  Yeah, not pretty.  ;)

I was thrilled when a few weeks ago one of my friends at the gym asked me if I needed boys clothes.  She has twin boys & was starting to clear out her old things.  At first I said no, thinking she had stuff for Zak.  Then I asked what she had.  When she said mostly size 5/6/7 boys stuff I almost left class right then to get it.

I didn't expect to get so much.  There are all kinds of clothes (still haven't sorted thru them, that's the project for this weekend), a few games & toys (one of which a map of the world puzzle that AJ will LOVE) and some boots & shoes.  We just realized we had no boots for our boys & they were on my shopping list for this week but not anymore.

I'm SO thankful for all of this stuff & can't wait to get through it this weekend & start using it!  Thank you so much Lisa for our "new" stuff!

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