Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Big Brother Daniel

Daniel is ALL about being a big brother right now!  He loves talking to "the baby," playing with "the baby," poking "the baby," etc.  Adrian & I think it's funny that he always calls Zak the baby, he kinda sounds like Elmo.  He's very cute when Zak cries, he'll go over & try to comfort him.  And now that Zak is more alert & sort of playing, Daniel is even more excited to be a big brother.  They was playing "restaurant" together today & it as adorable.  Daniel does still have his quirks, including some baby related.  For example, he won't go near the baby if he is not dressed.  And if Zak spits up, Daniel freaks out.  But all in all, it's a great relationship developing between the 2 brothers.  And most of you know we were very concerned with how Daniel would react to the baby, clearly we were dead wrong since he's embracing his role as both a big & little brother.

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