Wednesday, January 2, 2013

AJ's Christmas

AJ had a fantastic Christmas this year!  He was on Santa's nice list & got what he has been asking for for two and a half years...a Nintendo 3DS!  We had it on the bottom of the pile of gifts so it was one of the last things he opened Christmas morning.  At first he was bummed because he thought he didn't get it, then when he opened it, he was SO excited.

In addition to the gaming system, AJ & Daniel also got 5 new games...Super Mario Brothers 2 (which I already beat, woot!), Dora & Team Umizoomi Adventures, Toy Story 3, Lego Batman 2 & Epic Mickey.  They have been using all of their video game time (which may be extended this week since there is no school) to play the new games.

Today I also let AJ take his DS to the gym.  Lots of other kids do this so I didn't think it was a big deal.  When we got there, AJ was like the King of Childcare.  All of the boys were gathered around him, comparing DSes & games.  I loved seeing AJ interact with the other boys.  One of the boys helped him beat a level on Toy Story 3 that he was stuck on & he helped someone beat a level on Super Mario Bros.

This was by far AJ's favorite gift this year.  He also is really enjoying the Imaginext Bat Cave, Prison & accessories that they got.  We are playing a ton with those toys!  And AJ got a few new board games as well, his favorite being Super Mario Memory, which both he & Daniel kill me at. 

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