Monday, January 14, 2013

1/2 Marathon Training - Week 1

Well, it's that time again.  As you know I blogged my training last time I trained for the 1/2 marathon & I plan to do it again this time.  It really helps keep me accountable.

When I finished the Columbus 1/2 Marathon in Oct, I wasn't sure if I wanted to do another one.  It was long & hard & I was tired of walking.  I didn't know if I wanted to train again.  After some time & some discussions with family & friends, I decided to try one more 1/2 at the Capital City 1/2 Marathon on May 4.

I decided to take 2 months off & just exercise.  I started taking a bunch of group fitness classes at my gym & I fell in love!  I love everything about the classes: the people, the variety, the huge calorie burn, etc.  As Jan got here I really didn't want to give that up to go back to walking all the time.  I found a shorter training plan, one I didn't have to start until Feb & decided to do that so I could get one more month of classes.

Then on Jan 6 I got an email from my Flylady subscription with the subject "Walkers & Runners - Free Training Plans."  It was from "Award-Winning Fitness Expert, 12-time Ironman Triathlon Finisher (9:50 is his best time) and 16-time Boston Marathon Finisher (3:12 is his best time) Jonathan Roche."  The plan basically has you exercise 5 days/week, rest one day, then do a long run/walk.  It is 16 weeks & it just so happened that if I started on Mon 1/7, I would finish on Sat 5/4.  I'm in!! 

I am a little nervous about not walking a lot during the week, but if I start to feel fatigued on my long walks, I'll just start adding a few days of walking during the week.  I also have multiple races coming up so that will be extra walking above my training plan.  I'm also not planning a rest day because life happens & I always wind up getting an unexpected rest day (although last week I didn't & I'm OK with that too).  I'm SO excited about my new training plan!

Week 1 was great!  I did classes 5 days last week, did a quick workout at home on Sat & walked on Sun.  I also joined a local walking club to help get through the long walks on this journey.  I'll walk with them Sun mornings.

Mon, 1/7 - 60 minute Total Body Conditioning class
Tues, 1/8 - 20 minutes on bike, 35 minutes of Zumba class
Weds, 1/9 - 60 minutes of Zumba class
Thurs, 1/10 - 35 minutes of Zumba class, 60 minutes of hell kickboxing class
Fri, 1/11 - 60 minutes of Zumba class
Sat, 1/12 - Countdown Workout
Sun, 1/13 - 3 mile walk (only 1 on the plan, but that didn't seem worth the effort in the rain so I did 3)

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