Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thankful Thursday - Grandparents

I am so thankful for my grandparents!  Beyond that, I'm thankful that my parents were so young when they had me that I was able to know all 4 of my grandparents and 3 of my great grandparents.

Two of my great grandparents (my Dad's grandmother & my Mom's grandfather) died when I was very young & although I remember meeting them & spending time with them, I have very few lasting memories of them.  But my Mom's grandmother, Big Nana, I was blessed enough to know for nearly 20 years.  I had an amazing relationship with her and I miss her every day.  I'm so thankful for all the time I got to spend getting to know her & all she taught me, including how to make her infamous yarn hangers.  I have vivid memories of time spent at her house talking, cooking, laughing, playing games & being happy.  I am forever thankful for my Big Nana.

My Dad's parents are now also both deceased.  We lost my grandfather about a year before Big Nana.  Again, I was able to know him & build a relationship with him for nearly 20 years.  He was an amazing man & I also had a special relationship with him.  I remember him taking me to the park, going on walks together, playing in the yard...he loved to be outside!  He and my grandmother had a loving relationship that was very obvious to all of us.  We lost my grandmother about a year ago.  I miss her everyday.  I obviously knew her the best as I had 35 years with her.  She was such a strong woman and I saw that especially after she lost her husband and best friend.  Grandma loved to play games and I'm happy to have her Trouble, Rumikub & Uno cards that I use to play with now.  She also loved her sweets so last week I had a special cookie in her honor.  And she was thrilled to become a great grandmother, 3 times while she was alive & twice more a month after she passed.  I'm so thankful for all the great memories of my Latacz grandparents and I think of them all the time.

My Mom's parents are thankfully still with us.  I'm thankful that I still have them to develop our relationship.  We don't see them as often as I would like, but I'm thankful that through the wonders of Skype my boys are getting to develop a relationship with Great Nana and Great Pop.  I will continue to treasure all the time I get with them.  I'm hoping we can swing a trip to NJ early this summer, mainly to spend time with them.

I know I am blessed to have so many special relationships with so many grandparents & for that I am forever thankful.  I am hopeful that my boys will have the time and opportunity to develop strong relationships with their grandparents as well.  They are lucky enough to have met 7 great  grandparents and 4 of their grandparents.  I will continue to work to make sure they know how special that relationship is.

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