Friday, January 4, 2013

Thankful Thursday - 4 Day Weekends!

We have been lucky enough to have two 4 day weekends the past 2 weeks.  Adrian's company closed on both Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve giving him 4 days off in a row.  Then we were even luckier to get a snow day on 12/26 so Adrian only worked 1/2 day.

It was great to have Adrian home for all that time.  We were both able to deal with the fact that Zak isn't sleeping well right now while also catching up on sleep.  We were able to get a ton done around the house while still spending a ton of time playing with the boys.  And we were both able to get in a few good workouts during the crazy week.

I'm always thankful for the fact that Adrian works for the state & that we get a ton of benefits from this job, even if he could probably earn more somewhere else.  These long weekends were just one of many perks we enjoy.

It will be hard to get back into our routine next week when Adrian has to work 5 whole days!  Not to mention everyone else is back to school, gymnastics, soccer, Awana, gym classes & 1/2 marathon training.  Luckily we have another 3 day weekend coming up soon for Martin Luther King Day!

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