Monday, January 21, 2013

1/2 Marathon Training - Week 2

Wow, I am loving this walking only once/week training plan!!  This past week flew by and I had a great week.  I even managed to get a rest day in (I told you I'd take them eventually).

Thursday morning was such a fun time.  I invited 4 of my friends to join me for Cardio Kickboxing class.  I can't say enough good things about this class!  It is so fun, burns a ton of calories & helps build your strength & endurance.  I was a little nervous having recruited so many new people because it is also a very hard class.  But everyone loved it!  One girl even hugged me after.  And I think everyone will be back this week.

This week I'm planning on 2 walks.  My normal one on Sun with my walking club and my virtual 5K to support the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy.  I may also meet up with my friend for a walk one day, we'll see how the week goes.

Here's what I did last week:
Monday, 1/14 - 60 minute Total Body Conditioning Class, 20 minutes on bike
Tuesday, 1/15 - 40 minute Zumba class (am), 15 minutes on bike, 60 minute Zumba class (pm)
Wednesday, 1/16 - 45 minute Zumba class (Zak's dirty diaper got me called out early)
Thursday, 1/17 - 30 minute Zumba class, 60 minute Cardio Kick Boxing
Friday, 1/18 - rest day :)
Saturday, 1/19 - 60 minute Zumba class, 20 minutes on bike
Sunday, 1/20 - 3 mile walk in Creekside Park in Gahanna

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