Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thankful Thursday - Support

So I had a pretty crappy day yesterday.  Nothing horrible happened, just 900 little annoying Murphy's Law type of things happened.  I was defeated last night & left the house a horrible mess & went to bed.

Today didn't start much better...I overslept, the boys wouldn't get up for school, no one wanted to leave the house, I forgot to eat breakfast, etc.  I was driving to the gym, chatting with a friend & hoping the day would turn.

After 30 minutes of Zumba & 60 minutes of Kick Boxing, I think I sweat the bad out of me & had a really great Thursday!

What does this have to do with support??  I got a ton of it yesterday & today...most of it from people who didn't even know I was having a crappy time.  People made me smile, laugh, exercise & relax.  They made me feel good about myself.  So for all of that I am thankful. 

Never hold back a kind word.  You never know when that word might help someone through a crappy day.  Hope you all had a great Thursday & have a fantastic (long for most of you) weekend!!

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