Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Keeping Up With...Workouts (Recap of 7/6 - 7/12)

Last week I talked about how much I enjoyed teaching a new to me class, Total Body Conditioning (TBC).  I taught it again on Thursday and enjoyed it just as much.  A few of the students asked if I would be teaching any more in the future.  So now I'm thinking about switching some things around on my schedule and teaching that class once/week.  I'm not sure if it will work out, we'll have to see.  I have a few things changing on my schedule in the fall when everyone goes back to school and I'm not sure how it will all shake out.

Other than the TBC class, it was a pretty normal week for me.  I had every intention of getting up and going to Body Pump on Sunday morning, but the kids had a stomach bug come thru Fri-Sun and we didn't sleep much.  So when I was up at 4am on Sunday (and not feeling too hot myself) I decided to turn off the alarm and try again next week.  Sometimes sleep is more important.

Here's how the week went:
Wednesday - Taught a one hour Zumba class
Thursday - Taught a one hour Zumba class, taught a one hour TBC class, practiced Zumba for about 20 minutes
Friday - Taught a one hour Zumba class
Saturday - Taught a one hour Zumba Toning class
Sunday - Walked around the zoo for about 3 hours with the family
Monday - Taught a one hour Zumba Toning class, taught a one hour Zumba class and played with the boys at a park for about an hour, including about a 20 minute nature walk
Tuesday - Taught a one hour Silver Sneakers class & swam with the boys for about 3 hours

The best thing about this week was I got on the scale this morning and I lost another pound, meaning I have lost all of the NJ vacation weight I put on.  Now I have about 2 weeks of clean eating and exercising to drop another pound or two before heading off on my next vacation.  I was very excited to see a slightly smaller number this morning!!

Another exciting thing is that I hit 65 days in my second try at the exercise streak.  I didn't realize it had been that long.  I'm still feeling good and trucking along.  Looking forward to more variety once the boys start back to school next month.

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