Saturday, July 9, 2016

Keeping Up With...Family (Weekly Wrap 6/24 - 6/30)

As I think about this week for us it was a weird week.  We had plans to do a few things over the weekend but I honestly think the craziness of vacation and the busyness we came back to all caught up with us and we did very little over the weekend.  Then we kicked into gear again on Monday and the rest of this week was a blast.

Friday (6/24) AJ and Daniel headed to their last day of Minecraft camp.  They really enjoyed this camp.  They survived floods, dessert conditions, a tree shortage and a trip to the moon.  They also learned about math and engineering in the process.  They are already asking to do this camp again next summer.  After I picked them up we headed to a local video store and pizza place for the last of their report card freebies.  We rented 4 free video games and got 2 free pizzas.  That afternoon AJ, Daniel & I had our annual eye doctor appointments & no one's eyes have changed from last year - yay!  When we got home we spent most of the rest of the night playing our rented video games.

Saturday (6/25) we all did very little.  We were all exhausted and just didn't feel like doing anything.  The boys played their rented video games, then we went and swapped them out for 3 other video games and a movie (also free thanks to report cards).  We watched "Avengers: Age of Ultron" that night for family movie night.  Other than that, Adrian and I got caught up on stuff around our house and I finally finished all of the camping laundry.

Sunday (6/26) was very similar to Saturday.  We worked, played video games & board games, got ready for the week and headed to bed early.  We did get to church that morning so at least we got out of the house for a short while.  And when we went to return our video games to the video store, they had a special going on so we ended up with three more video games for the next week.

Monday (6/27) we were rested and ready to go with a full calendar on tap for the week!  We started the week with play dates for everyone.  AJ went over to his friend Brooks' house to play for the afternoon and Daniel and Zak had their friends Josiah and Lydia over here to play.  Everyone had a fun day play with their friends!

Tuesday (6/28) the boys started "swim camp" (which is basically swim lessons but they are twice/week for a month instead of once/week for like 3 months).  We swam at the YMCA for about 90 minutes and then head to Hannah Park to play for a while because it was a gorgeous day!  Unfortunately we were there a little longer than we wanted to be because I accidentally locked our keys in the van.  Thankfully AAA came out and got the door opened for us!!

Wednesday (6/29) Daniel had another playdate, this time with his buddy Landan.  I dropped him off over there and ran a few errands with the other two boys.  We also had some video game time this day because we needed to return our rentals the next day.

Thursday (6/30) the boys had swimming lessons again and then they wanted to stay at the YMCA and swim more after lessons.  We stayed for almost three hours.  It was another gorgeous day so we spent most of the time at the outside pool.  The boys enjoyed playing a Pokemon game that they made up with very little help from me (they can all touch and/or swim so no one hangs on me anymore - yay!)  I enjoyed catching up with a friend who was also there swimming with her daughter.

All in all it was another great week together, minus the unfortunate locking my keys in the van incident.  But even that could have been way worse than how it turned out.  We did everything the boys wanted to do and a few extra things as well.  I hope the boys are making as many memories as I am!!

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