Saturday, July 23, 2016

Keeping Up With...Family (Weekly Wrap 7/15 - 7/21)

Friday (7/15) started with a trip to the doctor for me.  I was having some ear pain & not able to hear well out of one ear.  I thought it was swimmer's ear but turned out to be just a ball of wax, yuck!  After that and Zumba we decided to just chill at home for the day.  We had been going every day the past week so it was nice to take a day to just relax.  Friday night I got to sneak away for a few hours with my friends for a Tupperware party.  I had a great time laughing, chatting, eating and shopping.  This was our Tupperware lady:
Saturday (7/16) we started the day split up.  AJ started his 6 month long Brain Balance program so Adrian took him there.  Then they went to Blacklick Woods park to play some Pokemon Go.  I took Daniel and Zak to Zumba and then to a friend's birthday party.  We enjoyed lunch, cake & a water fight.  Then we all got back together at home where other friends came over to play for a while.  Finally after dinner we headed out to a local park for an ice cream social sponsored by our township.  We played at the park, ate ice cream & walked around for about an hour playing Pokemon Go.

Sunday (7/17) we were all exhausted after yesterday's full day so after church we just hung around the house, did some chores and got ready for the next week.

Monday (7/18) we had an awesome adventure downtown!  We decided to go into Adrian's office because some of his co-workers wanted to meet the boys.  And Adrian has been telling them about all the Pokemon Go things that are downtown.  We had to park near Columbus Commons so we started there collecting Pokemon as we walked back to the State House & Adrian's office.  We stopped for pizza for lunch before heading in to meet Adrian's co-workers.
After stopping in the office, we walked around the State House (Capitol building) to see the different monuments & collect Pokemon.  We decided to head inside to learn a little more about our state.  We saw the Governor's office (he wasn't in that day), looked at a bunch of interesting displays about the state and learned a lot as well.  After that we headed back over the the Commons to get Jeni's ice cream together.  Then Adrian took the boys to catch a few more Pokemon & I took Zak on the carousel.  Such a fun filled afternoon!!

 On our way home, we stopped at the library to restock our books & turn in our summer reading program logs since we were done.  Each boy got a magazine, book & coupon sheet.  I also got a coupon sheet and we were all entered into a raffle for some pretty cool prizes.  We ended our day with the boys starting their second VBS of the summer.  This one is Star Wars themed (Scar Force) & they loved day one!!

Tuesday (7/19) the boys had swimming lessons at the Y so we stayed after to swim.  They are doing SO well with their swimming.  Both AJ and Daniel have finally started putting their heads under water.  Daniel likes going under water so much that I have to tell him to stop for a few minutes to catch his breath.  AJ did it for the first time today & his teacher & I were SO excited!!  He also jumped into the deep end without assistance.  Yay!  They also all had the second night of VBS tonight.  It was a jam packed day.

Wednesday (7/20) we decided to stay home and catch our breath in the morning/afternoon.  We've been going like crazy and I'm trying to build in "stay home" days for the rest of the summer.  Then in the evening we all went out to dinner together at the "Rusty Bucket" and the boys headed to night three of VBS.  And Adrian & I had a date night!!  It was very romantic...we went to Costco, Giant Eagle & Kohl's.  But I got a bunch of stuff crossed off my to do list.  He really knows the way to my heart.

Thursday (7/21) was another awesome day at the pool for us.  The indoor pool at the Y was closed due to some maintenance issues so the boys had their lessons outside.  We stayed and swam with friends for like 2 hours after lessons.  Once again, the boys were all over the pool, diving under to catch squid & rings.  It was so much fun.  And I got a nice little tan being outside for over 3 hours.
Another great week in the books!!  I'm very sad that this week also marked the start of getting ready to head back to school.  We got everyone new sneakers and are working on our school supply list.  We're also trying to finish up our summer reading projects.  But we are still squeezing every bit of fun out of the last few weeks of summer!

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