Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Keeping Up With...Family (Weekly Wrap 7/1 - 7/7)

What a fun week this was!!  It started with a bang (literally!) as we celebrated the 4th of July weekend.  Adrian had both Friday and Monday off so we got a 4 day weekend together.  Let's jump in so I can tell you how it went.

Friday (7/1) Adrian ended up with the day off since Columbus was having their fireworks that night.  They like the employees to head out early so they can use their parking spaces.  We met up with friends that afternoon for some free bowling and then headed over to Menchie's for some ice cream.  Then we headed home to recharge so we would be ready for fireworks that evening.  We went to the hospital down the street so we'd be able to see both Reynoldsburg and the downtown fireworks.  We had a great view of Reynoldsburg, not so great for the downtown ones.  But the boys had a blast so that's all that matters.

Saturday (7/2) we all slept in after a late night and then spent the day relaxing, watching TV, playing games and being together.  We haven't had many unscheduled days so we decided to take advantage of this one.  Adrian and I also got some stuff done around the house that needed to be done.  That night we headed to Pataskala to see their fireworks.  They had a nice show and one of the residents also did a pretty impressive show.  We were able to see both from where we were.  The boys also enjoyed playing with sparklers while we waited for the show.

Sunday (7/3) we planned to head to Zoombeezi Bay for the day, but no one really wanted to go.  We decided to have another day staying home after another late night.  We also planned to skip fireworks that night but then saw a bunch going off in our neighborhood so we decided to stay up and watch them. 

Monday (7/4) we got up and headed to Gahanna for their parade.  It was drizzling when we got there but thankfully it stopped a few minutes before the parade started.  We enjoyed watching the parade and the boys enjoyed gathering candy.  We headed home after to dry off and rest up for one more night of fireworks.  Adrian and I also finished everything on our to do lists for that weekend, yay!  It rained on and off all day but stopped before fireworks that night.  Unfortunately it was still very overcast and the fireworks were getting lost in the clouds.  We still had a great night.
Tuesday (7/5) we were so tired after being up super late four nights in a row and not really sleeping in much any of those mornings that we took the day off.  We also had a bit of a stomach bug come through the house so I had two boys with upset stomachs.  We hung out at home, played in the yard, watched TV and recovered.  It was awesome!

Wednesday (7/6) AJ had a long evaluation at Brain Balance Centers so he and I were there most of the day.  Daniel and Zak spent the day playing with Grandma. 

Thursday (7/7) we were finally able to get back to our fun summer.  We went to Glow Putt and played a round of mini golf in the dark.  The boys had been asking for almost a week to go play mini golf again.  Then we stopped at the library and stocked up on books for our summer reading projects.  And we ran a few other errands that afternoon.  It was a fun and productive day for us!

It was a weird week for us now that I look back at it with a few days with lots of activity and a few days of laziness.  I guess that's how the summer is supposed to be! 

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