Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Keeping Up With...Workouts (Changes!)

I shared my plans about a month ago and I've done with keeping to them the past few weeks.  But in the last 2 weeks things have changed pretty quickly.

I was asked to teach 3 classes at a new gym that opened in the area.  Great for my Zumba career and my bank account, not so great for taking any other classes.  I have had to give up PiYo because the only classes that hit my schedule now conflict with the new classes.  And I've had to give up a day of strength training class as well.  I'm bummed about this, but it is the right decision for me and my family right now.  And I know how quick things change so I know it won't be this way forever.

I do think 8 classes is probably too many to be teaching.  But I'm going to let it ride for now and reevaluate after a few weeks.  A few of my classes have had low attendance so a schedule change may be happening soon.  I also got on the sub list at another gym that is closer than two of the ones I'm currently teaching at and there is a good possibility that a class will open up there in the near future.  And there is another new gym opening up near me, again closer than 2 that I work at right now.  A lot up in the air so we'll see what happens.

So here is my amended plan (for now):
Mondays - 90 minutes of strength class (am), teach 2 Zumba classes (pm)
Tuesdays - teach 2 Zumba classes - one am and one pm
Wednesdays - teach 1 Zumba class (am)
Thursdays - either yoga class or strength class (am), teach 2 Zumba classes (pm)
Fridays - teach 1 Zumba class (am)
Saturdays - spinning or strength class - this hasn't happened yet, I have been really tired on Saturday mornings and haven't gotten up.  I'm really going to try to get this in gear starting this week.
Sundays - rest day and practice new Zumba song

The past week was a little off course due to a stomach bug hitting 4 of the 5 of us, only AJ escaped healthy.  We were down and out for most of Thursday-Saturday, then took an extra rest day on Sunday just to make sure everyone was healthy.  I'm still pretty happy with how the week went and my results.  I really only missed my Friday morning class and the Saturday class that I haven't been getting to anyway.  But I did eat quite a bit Saturday evening and Sunday when I started to feel better.

Here's how the week went:
Wednesday, 10/1 - taught 1 60 min Zumba class
Thursday, 10/2 - taught 2 45 min Zumba classes (both pm)
Friday, 10/3 - rest day because of stomach bug
Saturday, 10/4 - rest day because of stomach bug
Sunday, 10/5 - rest day because of stomach bug, but did practice 2 new Zumba songs
Monday, 10/6 - taught 2 Zumba classes (both pm - one 45 mins, one 60 mins), walked to school once
Tuesday, 10/7 - taught 2 60 min Zumba classes (one am & one pm)

Weigh in:
10/1 - 218
10/8 - 216
Change - down 2 lbs!  Yay!!

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