Monday, October 20, 2014

Keeping Up With...Family (Disney - Part 6)

If you haven't been reading along, you can see how the trip started by check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5.  Today after being home for six weeks, I'll finally be finishing up the recap of the vacation.

We left Lego Land around 4:00 in the pouring rain.  Adrian was feeling horrible and I wasn't much better.  But we needed to do the 6 hour drive to Atlanta, we already had a room reserved and paid for.  We had to stop multiple times between the boys and our stomach issues, but we finally got to our hotel right around midnight.  Adrian had to drive the last hour, I was so tired I couldn't even see straight.

We all crawled into bed and planned to sleep in the next morning.  The boys slept until well after 8, which is very late for them.  We were planning on spending most of the day at Six Flags over Georgia at Hurricane Harbor, their water park.  It opened at noon so we were in no rush that morning.  We took our time eating breakfast, getting washed up and ready and headed out a little after 11.  Adrian was still feeling rough and even though I insisted he stay in the hotel, he came with us.

That park is HUGE!!  And it's on a mountain!!  OK, maybe not a mountain, but it sure felt like it!  Especially pushing 100+ pounds of kid up some of those hills.  And Hurricane Harbor is in the total back on the park.  But we got there, set up on a few chairs and played in the water for about four hours.  It was very relaxing and the boys had a blast!  When they finally got bored, we decided to do a few rides before the park closed at 6:00.  They have some great roller coasters there, including one of my favorites from my past, the Great American Scream Machine and a new favorite, Mindbender.  I didn't take any pictures in the park because we were in water most of the day, but we had a blast!  It was a nice relaxing day and it was nice to break up the drive.

By the end of the day, I was back to myself and starving!  We ordered pizza for dinner for me and the boys and Adrian managed to eat most of a salad, but he was still feeling pretty awful.  We got to bed early that night (seriously I think we were all asleep before 9:00) so we could hit the road bright and early the next morning.

We grabbed breakfast and headed out for the last leg of our trip by around 9:00am Monday morning.  I drove the whole way home from Atlanta since Adrian was still sick.  We had a bunch of stops, including one for ice cream for lunch at a dairy in Tennessee!

We finally got home around 8:00pm and I was SO happy to be back home!  This trip had a little bit of everything but all in all it was a fun and memorable experience.  The boys had an absolute blast and can't wait to go back to Florida in 3 years.  Hope you all enjoyed reading about our vacation!  Now after this summer of travel, I don't plan to leave the state for a very long time!!

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