Monday, October 27, 2014

Keeping Up With...Family (Boo at the Zoo!)

Last weekend we went to Boo at the Zoo.  We try to go every year since it's an event that is fun for all of us.  In past years they have had the "treat stations" all throughout the zoo which makes for a ton of walking.  This year the zoo changed the format and had all the treat stations together at the front of the zoo.  They also had a few activities in that same area for the kids to do.  The boys enjoyed going to the different stations, running thru the hay maze and playing in the Candy Land mansion.

Adrian & I dressed up too
AJ & Daniel in the Candy Land mansion

Daniel and a storm trooper
AJ and a storm trooper
After we finished with that area, we spent the rest of the day walking in the zoo.  There were still a bunch of Halloween themed things to do, but no treat stations to try to get to.  Our zoo is huge so we can only do one side of it each time we go.  We really wanted to do Africa again this time since it's closing for the winter next weekend.

We walked through North America first, where they had a Toy Story treasure hunt which the boys enjoyed.  We also saw a bunch of the animals out in that section including wolves, bears, bison and deer.  We stopped for lunch in the Polar Frontier and checked out the polar bears and they play area.  Then we went on to Africa and saw the cheetah run and most of the animals.  The giraffes were not out that day since it was a little cold.  The plus side of that was that the area wasn't very crowded so we go to see everything else there.
Playing in North America
Polar Frontier play ground
In the Heart of Africa plane
Zak meeting the headless horseman - he was excited to touch a horse
Our final stop was Asia Quest which had a Harry Potter take off set up for Halloween.  The boys were kind of done by this time, but Adrian and I thought this area was really cute.  The tiger statues were all decorated for Halloween, there were some cool displays and most of the animals in this area were up and moving.  After we went thru this we headed to the car since the boys were getting tired and cranky.
Adrian & I loved this - lockers for Mickey, Dorthy & Harry Potter

We all had a lot of fun at Boo at the Zoo!!  It continues to be a favorite event of ours.  I am glad the treat stations were all together, hope that continues.  I would have liked to see the super hero show, but it wasn't until 5:00 and 7:00 and we were long gone by then.  Next year I think I would go later in the day if it's the same schedule so we can see that too.

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