Saturday, October 18, 2014

Keeping Up With...Family (Disney - Part 5)

If you haven't been reading along, you can see how the trip started by check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.  After a rough start, we had finally hit our stride and had 3 great days in the parks.  But as I suggested in the last part, my stomach was starting to bother me.  I'll spare you the details, but I had a rough night Thursday night and realized I couldn't do Lego Land on Friday.  I tried to get some more rest, but even after that I felt horrible.

So I spent the day in bed while Adrian took the boys to meet up with my brother and his family in the Magic Kingdom.  They had a great time, spent most of the day in Fantasy Land riding all the rides.  They also met a few more characters and AJ discovered the sorcerer Mickey game that you can play in the park.  The park closed early that day so everyone was back home by around 8 so we could pack up and try to be ready to leave Saturday morning.
Meeting Tink!
Teacups with Uncle Jon & Luci
We did debate about all going to Epcot on Friday evening but I really thought I should just rest.  I had a feeling that Adrian would get this too and if we were both down it would make for a very rough day at Lego Land and a horrible drive home.  I'm bummed that my last day went to waste, but it was the smartest decision for all of us.

And sure enough my feeling was right, Adrian got it Friday night (why does the stomach virus always hit at night?) and was sick all weekend.  We still got up and out on Saturday morning and said goodbye to the family and Orlando and headed west to Lego Land.  The boys had been looking forward to this park the whole time, and we had to reschedule it twice.  We got there just as it opened and started hitting the rides.

We had a great day, all things considered.  Adrian felt horrible and I was still struggling.  But thankfully there are a lot of play areas in the park so we'd ride a few rides then let the boys play for a while so we could rest.  It's also a fairly small park so there wasn't too much walking.  The boys LOVED every minute of it!  We rode all the roller coasters, the Chima water ride, walked around mini city and rode almost all of the rides.  We skipped the 4D movie because it started to rain so all the other rides closed.  The line was super long and it was already close to 4:00, which was when we had to be on the road since we were driving to Atlanta that night.

AJ and Daniel both said Lego Land was their favorite part and that they can't wait to go back in 3 years when we go back to Florida!  Zak also had a great time since whenever we had to split up so the boys could ride something he wasn't tall enough for, he had either a play area or splash pad to play in.  That's a brilliant idea!!
We finally got here!
Riding the "dragon" coaster - the boys favorite ride!
Happy Hump Day...on a Saturday!
Zak in one of the many splash pads
Awesome shot Adrian got of us on this coaster - my favorite ride
The boys loved watching the cars race on this Lego Daytona track
I'll be back in a few days for part 6, the final part of this recap!  We still have one more park to visit and our drive home.

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