Thursday, October 16, 2014

Keeping Up With...Family (Corn Maze!)

I skipped this post last week because I honestly had nothing new to report.  We were hit by a stomach virus and were down from Thursday-Sunday.  It was kind of nice not to be running around and just chill around the house.  I also got everything on my to do list done, which always makes me feel good.  Of course now nearly two weeks later I'm way behind again, oh well!

This past weekend we got back to our one day of work, one day of play.  This weekend Saturday was our fun day and Sunday was for work.  Saturday morning the boys had swimming lessons and I taught a super fun Zumba class!  Then Saturday afternoon AJ, Daniel and I went ice skating for the last time as students for a while.  No one is taking ice skating lessons (AJ has moved up to the hockey league) until at least after the new year.  We spent about an hour skating and had a blast!!  I can't believe how good AJ is on the ice in just under a year.  He was even able to master the "hockey stop" this past week and shoot ice at me and Daniel.
Ice Skating Selfie
After ice skating we decided to head to the corn maze at Lynd's Farm because it was a beautiful afternoon.  Of course half of Columbus had the same idea so it was the most crowded we've ever seen it!  We waited in line for our tickets for about 20 minutes while the boys ran up and down the huge dirt pile (I may have raced them a few times...and lost them all).
The three boys heading up the hill
We finally got our wrist bands and headed into the Lord of the Rings themed maze.  They set it up so there are 8 different areas and each area has an etching plate that you have to find.  The past two years we have successfully completed the challenge to find all 8.  We started out and found the first one really quickly!  We had fun running through the maze and trying to find out way through and also find the etching plates.  We had a very hard time trying to find one, but eventually found all 8!  The boys did a great job walking the whole 90 minutes we were in there.  Only Zak got tired and Adrian carried him for the last 20 or so minutes.
Heading into the maze
Etching plate!
We finished!!
After we finished in the maze, we let the boys hit the bounce houses for a while.  They had a blast!  We were going to let them play in the play area as well, but they weren't really interested and we were getting tired and hungry.  We did the hill a few more times, took the annual pumpkin picture and headed home for dinner.  I was exhausted but super happy after a fun filled day!!

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