Sunday, October 26, 2014

Keeping Up With...Diet & Exercise (Weekly Wrap Up & Menu Plan)

Last week was crazy around here!  Between Adrian working overtime, me volunteering for the book fair at school and the boys normal crazy schedule, I felt like I was always running around.  I was very thankful for a bunch of healthy meals that were already made.  I also made a huge pot of vegetable soup with some veggies that were on the verge of going bad that provided a bunch of meals this past week.  This next week looks similar since we have Halloween events on Thursday and Friday plus the second week of book fair, probably more overtime and I have to get my stuff together for the consignment sale next weekend.

My workouts were pretty good last week.  I had to call out of a Zumba class because Adrian got stuck at work on Monday and I didn't get to any classes that weren't mine, but I exercised five days out of the past seven.  I would like to get up to six days of exercise, but it's just not in the schedule right now.  Here's how the week look:
Monday - Taught 1 Zumba class, walked to school once
Tuesday - Taught 2 Zumba classes
Wednesday - Taught 1 Zumba class
Thursday - Taught 1 Zumba class, walked to school twice
Friday - Taught 1 Zumba class, walked to school twice
Saturday -Rest Day
Sunday - Rest Day

Weigh in:
10/15 - 215
10/22 - 215

My eating wasn't the best for most of the week so that explains why I didn't lose anything.  I have had a lot of compliments recently about looking like I've lost weight and also just looking "great."  And 3 people commented on my confidence this week.  Plus I just noticed that a pair of jeans I bought at the beginning of this year (and were tight) are now pretty loose.  So I'm taking all the NSVs for now and will see that scale move one day.

The menu plan for this week is simple.  Make what I didn't make last week and use the crock pot and casseroles for most of the other meals.  And I plan to do a freezer meal at least once this week.  Here's the plan:
Monday - Mexican Stuffed Peppers (Relish recipe)
Tuesday - Taco Tuesday for the boys, leftovers for me (I'll be at the school all night for book fair & parent teacher conferences)
Wednesday - Bacon Pierogi Bake
Thursday - Freezer Meal or leftovers (our trick or treat night)
Friday - Out to IHOP, they have free pancakes for the kids & we have a Halloween event at 6:30
Saturday - Chicken Phillies
Sunday - Tequilla Lime Chili (I'll be gone from 3-7ish so I'll set this up and the guys can eat then I'll eat when I get home)

As always, I'm linking up with Laura at Mommy, Run Fast & Jill at Fitness, Health and Happiness.  Go check them out for some more yummy recipes!

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