Thursday, October 2, 2014

Keeping Up With...Family (Apples!!)

This past week was super busy, but we were also able to have lots of fun!

First, the boys both got their midterm assessments from school and both are doing really well.  They are either where they need to be right now or ahead.  Daniel seems to be finding his groove, he doesn't even complain about going every day now.  Homework has become more challenging, Adrian and I need to work on our plan for getting that done on time each week.

AJ also had his hockey league tryouts on Friday night.  He did pretty good, but he ran out of gas towards the end.  It was 8:00pm on a Friday night and he was worn out from the week.  They take everyone on a team, just try to split the skill levels up evenly at his age.  We should find out soon which team he is on and his schedule for the next few months.  He also got a free ticket to a Blue Jackets game in Nov so we are planning that now!
AJ is in the #1 jersey for try outs
Sunday was family fun day this past weekend.  We LOVE the fall and there is always more to do than what we have the time or money to do.  So we are carefully picking and choosing this year.  Our first activity was going apple picking.  There are a few orchards in the area, but we went to our favorite one in Utica, Legend Hills.  We spent almost an hour in the apple orchard picking five different varieties of apples.
Daniel loved picking the red ones
The guys in the orchard

AJ & Zak tasting apples in the field
Our apple haul - about 60lbs

When we finished up we headed back to the small market and stocked up on popcorn for the next few months and grabbed a few other veggies for the week.  Then we headed up the road to the Velvet factory for some ice cream, playing and a nature walk.  The boys really enjoyed walking the small trail on the grounds.  It has Adrian and I hopeful that we can finally go to Hocking Hills to hike as a family next year!

Enough popcorn to last until about Thanksgiving
The boys at the end of the nature trail
When we finished up in Utica, we headed back into town to go to Carl and Sarah's for dinner.  The boys had a blast playing with their cousin Isabelle and Adrian and I pigged out enjoyed some amazing food.  Carl made "football" food and we had snacks, chips & dip and a delicious fall chili.  We left happy and full and headed home to watch the Cowboys win that evening and get ready for the next busy week.

It was a great weekend!  A good balance of getting stuff done and family fun.  Hoping for a repeat this weekend as we head to the corn maze (weather permitting).

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