Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Keeping Up With...Family (My Time in School)

The past week I have been very lucky to have my "village" take care of the younger boys so I could be in the school for various things during the day.  I'm thankful to my husband, mother in law and friend Melissa for watching the other boys so I could do all of these things.

Last Monday Adrian had the day off for Columbus Day, but the boys still had school.  I set up times with both AJ's and Daniel's teachers to go into their classrooms.  I spent about an hour in Daniel's class in the morning.  His teacher was out of the country but I still got a good idea of how his class runs.  I saw some of circle time, then helped with Math and Reading.  They headed out for recess after all of that and I headed to the workroom to do some PTO stuff.
Daniel was the "rule helper" during circle time
Then in the afternoon I got to see AJ two different times.  First he had asked me to go to lunch with him.  That was fun for him...loud for me.  The cafeteria is an interesting place with a group of 1st and 2nd graders.  But in all seriousness I had fun getting a glimpse into this part of AJ's day.  He bought lunch that day so I went thru the line with him (I packed mine!) and then we ate and chatted with his friends.  After lunch I headed into his class and helped about 10 students with their sight words.
Cafeteria Selfie
Last Wednesday was AJ's field trip to Slate Run Farm.  My mother in law was able to come in to stay with Daniel and Zak so I volunteered to go with the class.  There were so many parent volunteers that some of us had to drive by ourselves!  I'm glad they had so many willing parents to go on the trip.  I met the bus there and AJ was SO excited to see me.  We had a great day learning about history and farm life, touching animals like baby pigs, cows and sheep, playing old fashioned games and running around with his friends.  We also got to go on a nature hike after lunch and we saw a snail, a few frogs and tons of birds.  It was a fun day and the other boys had a great time with grandma!!
Petting the baby pig
Farm chores!

Nature walk selfie
Finally this Monday I was able to drop the boys off at a friend's house and go in to volunteer at the book fair.  I didn't get to help AJ's or Daniel's class, but it was still very fun to be in the school and help kids pick books for their wish lists.  Some of the kids recognized me as AJ's mom from volunteering last year.  And I got to meet a few other parents which is always a nice thing!

I am so thankful I'm able to be in the school as much as I can.  It's always a challenge with the younger boys but I'm doing what I can.  In November I'll get at least two days in the school and in December I'll have at least one.  I'm hoping for a few more, but not sure it will work out.  I'm also exhausted after I'm in the school so I have to balance it with all the other stuff we have going on in the evenings.

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