Monday, September 29, 2014

Keeping Up With...Family (Disney - Part 2)

The trip wasn't started off the way we expected (read Part 1 if you missed it), but we were determined to have a great time!  After spending most of Monday in Magic Kingdom, we went back to the time share to regroup and see how everyone was feeling.  AJ and Daniel wanted to rest, but the rest of us wanted to head to Epcot.  So my Dad stayed home with the boys and we headed to Epcot.

We got there and there was NO ONE there.  Seriously, I wondered if I had the park times wrong and it was closed.  Zak immediately loved seeing the "giant golf ball" and wanted to go on the ball ride.  We did that and then headed over to ride the Nemo ride.  We split up to do Soarin', did the two boat rides in the countries and watched the night show.  We were only there for about three hours, but we had a blast!!  It was fun to walk around with only Zak and just spend some time with him.  We headed back to the time share after the night show to get a good night's rest and hopefully all be well the next day.
Zak checking out the ball before the night show
Adrian & I are a permanent part of Epcot

Tuesday morning we got up and moving and everyone seemed to be OK.  We headed back to Magic Kingdom with a list of things we wanted to do, as well as Fast Passes for some of the big rides, including the new Mine Train one.  We got there and AJ got to be in the front row for his favorite show at the castle.
After the show, we ran all over the place going on as many rides as we could.  We did everything we wanted to do and had a BLAST...all before 6:00pm.  We finished everything so quickly that we were all able to pick one more thing to do before the park closed.  AJ chose the Buzz Lightyear ride, Daniel chose It's a Small World, Zak chose Dumbo, Adrian chose Winnie the Pooh and I chose the new Little Mermaid ride.  We got all of that in and were done in time to see most of the electric light parade that night before heading home.
It's a Small World
Little Mermaid
Dumbo - Zak's favorite ride
Buzz Lightyear ride - one of AJ's favorites
There were a lot of great times that day, but one of the best was doing "Enchanted Tales with Belle."  Jon had suggested we do that as one of our Fast Passes and I'm glad he did.  It's not a ride but a retelling of the story of the night that Belle met the Beast.  And the audience is part of the story.  My Dad was picked to be a marching knight, Daniel was a feather duster, Luci was a foot stool and AJ was picked to be The Beast!!  I loved watching AJ in the story, roaring at Belle and then dancing with her.  I may have cried a lot.  I highly recommend this as a nice change of pace from the hustle and bustle of the rides and character meet and greets!
Beauty and the Beast
We were so happy to finally get a full day of fun in with no one getting sick.  I'll stop there and continue with our day at Universal Studios later this week.  For a quick peak at the whole trip, you can check out the pictures I posted on Facebook.

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