Friday, June 30, 2017

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 6/9 - 6/15 - Part 3)

Since this week was jam packed with fun, I split it into three parts.  You can read part 1 here and part 2 here.

Wednesday (6/14) Day three of day camp and we were up early and ready to go.  Daniel wanted me to be with him and his den again today so I spent the day with them.  We started our morning in the gaga ball pit.  The boys had a great time playing and us adults even got in for one game.  After working up a sweat playing gaga ball, we headed to a lodge to make a paracord bracelet.  Daniel and I caught on pretty quick and had a fun time making the bracelet, although we ran out of time so we didn't finish it there.  After that it was time for lunch so I went to pick up Zak and all four of us had lunch together.
AJ and Zak told us about their mornings during lunch.  AJ and his den made a wood bench for the first half of the morning and then learned about cooking over an open fire.  They made a dutch oven cake which AJ said was very good.  Zak went for a short hike and then they did science experiments.  I got there as they were finishing up making name bracelets using Morse code so I got to help him finish his up.

After lunch, AJ went back to his den but Zak decided to hang out with Daniel and his den for the afternoon.  The sibling circle didn't have anything going on in the afternoon so we all agreed Zak would have more fun with Daniel and I.  We headed down cardiac hill to go back into the creek.  This was Zak's third time in the creek and he was running all over the place in it.  I could barely keep up with him.  Daniel did not love creeking, he kept freaking out that something was touching him.  We didn't get nearly as much today as AJ's group did on Monday, the leaders said the creek was getting "tired."  But we still all had fun!
After the creek we headed over to the much anticipated BB gun range!  Daniel was so excited to shoot the BB guns.  They got a safety lesson on the guns and then it was time for them to shoot.  Both Zak and Daniel took a turn shooting.  Zak got lots of help and hit the target a few times.  Daniel missed the target on his first turn, but went back a second time and hit it a few times.  He was disappointed he didn't do better but I calmed him down and he now wants his own BB gun to practice.  After all of the boys had a turn on the range, we headed back up the hill on Foxfire for the closing ceremony.
We picked up AJ and he excitedly told me all about his afternoon.  He got to go rowing and he loved every minute of it!  He was going to go in a dry boat but then his friends decided they should get wet so they got in a boat that got splashed too.  They had a blast on the lake and did not want to leave the boats.  The second half of the afternoon they learned about first aid in the wilderness.  AJ said this was a little boring since he knew some of it.  I heard from the leaders it was not the best presentation of the camp.  They will review some of the basics early in the year in our den.

After a full day, we headed home from camp.  I cooked pasta for us for dinner and we mostly spent the night on the couches.  I reloaded our packs for tomorrow and we all got to bed early.  This week is fun but it's really wearing us out!

Thursday (6/15) The last full day of day camp for this year!  We were slow to get moving this morning, I think the week is catching up with us, but we made it to camp on time.  It started with the excitement of AJ's den serving as the color guard to raise the flags at opening ceremony.  AJ got to assist with the American flag.  I was very proud of him and all of the boys in his den.
After the opening ceremony, we split up again.  I spent today with AJ's den while Daniel went with his den and Zak started the day in the sibling circle.  AJ and I started the day with his den figuring out their skit for the last day.  They decided what to do, practiced a bit and then we were heading to our next station - sling shots!  AJ enjoyed using the sling shot and even had me go out and shot a few times.  It was fun to again do something new to both us and to do it together.  When we finished there, we headed to archery.  AJ struggled a bit with that but eventually he got it.  I also got a turn to use the bow and arrow.  It was super fun and empowering!  After that we were done for the morning so we headed back up the hill and picked up Zak from the sibling circle.


Daniel told us about his morning during lunch.  He got to go swimming with his den for most of the time and he said it was awesome.  He also listened to the leave no trace lecture, which he said was OK but a little boring.  The funny thing is that his morning was exactly what AJ was doing in the afternoon.  And I agree with his assessment 100%.  We kept Zak with us again this afternoon because he really wanted to swim.  He did a great job keeping up with the big boys again this afternoon!!
While we were swimming, Daniel and his den were learning how to tie different knots and how to widdle.  They also did a nature hike and learned about some of the animals that live in the park.  He said this was his favorite afternoon!  He loved seeing the snake and the spider that the scouts had in tanks for them to check out.  Both were caught in the woods we spent the week in.  Daniel and his partner caught a few worms while on their hike.

We met back up for closing ceremony and the boys asked if we could go to the trading post and get ice cream.  I let them do it since they had all been very well behaved all week and there was very little complaining.  While we were in there it started raining so we had a picnic under their awning with our ice cream before heading to our car and heading home.  I was exhausted when we got home so I packed up our stuff for tomorrow and headed to bed very early.  Such a fun week we are having!!

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