Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Keeping Up With...Family (Summer Weeks 5 and 6)

I missed last week because I have been busy with other stuff around the house and we honestly haven't had much excitement around here these past two weeks.  We're still enjoying every minute of our summer, it's just been a lot of the same things and a lot of downtime.

We've been spending our Mondays bowling.  We also checked out their mini golf course and their game room.  Zachary loves playing Skee Ball while the other boys bowl.  Everyone also enjoys the pizza they serve at the bowling alley.  AJ and Daniel are currently in first place in their summer league with one week to go.

The rest of our time has been spent at art class, having play dates with friends and enjoying a very mild summer.  We have spent a lot of time in our yard, playing with the swing set, sprinkler, water guns and soccer goal.  The boys also enjoy playing video games on the days that the weather isn't cooperating, or as a break from the sun.

We also spent a good portion of last week organizing and purging the toys in our play room.  Adrian & I used to spend a lot of time organizing their toys and putting the like items together.  We stopped about 6 months ago because we got frustrated doing the same thing over and over.  The boys finally got frustrated that they couldn't always find what they were looking for.  So we spent 15 minutes at a time for about 2 hours total organizing everything.  AJ suggested we label the boxes so they know what goes where so we did that as well.  We still have to tackle the game closet, but we'll leave that for another week.  I'm really proud of them for taking the initiative on this project!!

Other than that, it's just been a lot of relaxing and gearing up for a super busy Aug!  Oh and we did of course find time to celebrate national ice cream day at our favorite place, Graeter's!
Chocolate ice cream all around!

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