Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Keeping Up With...Work Outs (Summer Slump)

Ugh, I feel like I've been saying this a lot the past 2 months, but I am in a serious slump this summer.  I can't seem to get motivated to eat right.  Or exercise other than teaching.  And the past 2 weeks I don't even want to do that much with the boys.  We've been spending a lot of time in the yard playing which is fun but not very active for me.

I know a huge part of this slump is not having a set schedule.  We are going with the flow which is fun but not easy to get workouts in.  I know when school starts I will have a schedule and will be able to work out consistently 5 days each week, probably 6 or 7.

Another part of it is the cycle I'm now in.  I'm eating crappy and not exercising so I'm tired so I don't want to do anything so I do more eating crappy and not exercising.  I'm snapping at the kids and hubby more.  I'm drinking less water so I have a headache so I can't sleep which makes me tired.  And on and on and on.

I'm going to focus on some positives though.  I'm still teaching six(ish) classes each week so I'm still very active.  I'm keeping up with my monthly calendar challenges.  I see the end in sight when the boys go back to school in two weeks.  I have had an AMAZING summer with my kids!
Selfie after teaching 2  classes
I think I might start getting the boys up and moving next week and get us on a little more of a schedule to get ready for school.  But then again I kind of want to let them sleep in and enjoy their last full week of summer.  Oh the decisions of a Mom!!

Here's how the last 2 weeks looked:
Wednesday, 7/23 - Rest Day
Thursday, 7/24 - Taught 2 one hour Zumba classes
Friday, 7/25 - Taught 1 one hour Zumba class
Saturday, 7/26 - Rest Day (worked 9-5 at my other job, that's a lot of work!!)  :)
Sunday, 7/27 - Rest Day
Monday, 7/28 - Taught 1 45 minute Zumba class
Tuesday, 7/29 - Taught 1 45 minute Zumba class
Wednesday, 7/30 - Walked a ton at the state fair
Thursday, 7/31 - Taught 2 one hour Zumba classes, one am and one pm
Friday, 8/1 -  Taught 1 one hour Zumba class
Saturday, 8/2 - Walked 4.5 miles in Great America with the family
Sunday, 8/3 - Swam in Lake Michigan with the family
Monday, 8/4 - Rest day other than walking around Lego Discovery Center
Tuesday, 8/5 -  Taught 1 30 minute Zumba class (student coming off an injury and wanted to take it slowly so we did)

And the weigh in:
7/23 - 215
8/6 - 219
Change - up 4 lbs in 2 weeks

Not surprised.  Happy it's not bigger.  Hoping to maintain or even lose a few over the next month of getting back to school and going to Disney for vacation.  After that, it's on for real!!  

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