Monday, July 14, 2014

Keeping Up With...Family (Summer - Week 4)

Last week was actually pretty calm compared to the past few weeks.  AJ & Daniel were signed up for golf camp every morning this week.  They were there for three hours each day and were exhausted when they were done.  They both loved the camp and are looking forward to practicing golf with Dad and Grandpa in the next few weeks.  We did Skyhawks camp and really enjoyed it.  I recommend it and will probably go back next year if they want to do another camp.
Wacky Weds at golf camp
Golf camp
Since we had that going on, Zak and I got to spend some time together each morning.  We went to the gym Mon, Weds & Fri and hung out at home Tues and Thurs.  We missed bowling camp and art classes this week because everyone was tired.  We did go out to lunch (to Burger King) one day and went up to the pool near our house for a few hours one day.  And Zak had his gymnastics class, which he now says he doesn't like and would rather be playing soccer.  Other than that it was a very calm week.
Pool time - I love rest period!
The weekend was also a rare free and relaxing one so Adrian & I decided to play catch up.  We spent the whole weekend working on our very long to do list.  Saturday the boys spent most of the day in the yard playing with our water toys.  Daniel asked to go out to make our own ice cream so after dinner we took a family trip to Menchie's for dessert.  Sunday we spent the morning working, then Adrian took the boys out to his parents' house for the afternoon.  I stayed home & finished every thing on the to do list!!!  That never happens!  The boys enjoyed playing golf, checking out the new RV and hanging out with everyone.
Back yard water fun
Ice cream!
We did have our first major injury of the summer this weekend.  Daniel was walking running at the Y on Saturday while we were there for swim lessons.  He got his feet twisted up and fell, literally on his face.  He banged his face and knee up pretty bad, but he says it doesn't hurt too much.  He didn't want me to take a picture of him because he thought his face would look like that forever and he wanted to surprise everyone with his "new face."  When we explained it would go back to normal in a few weeks, I was allowed to take a picture:

We're back to a full week this week and have some fun planned for the weekend as well!  Stay tuned!

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