Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Keeping Up With...Family (Mother's Day)

We had so much going on this week and weekend that I'm going to break it down into two posts.  This one will be all about the fun things we did for Mother's Day and it will be very picture heavy. 

The holiday spanned two different days here and I had a fun time with my guys.  It started with Mother's Day Tea at Daniel's school.  He came home Monday with an official invitation for me:

Of course I accepted and showed up Friday morning dressed in a blue shirt (Daniel's favorite color). 

We started the morning with muffins and "tea" (iced tea for the moms, water for the kids).  Then we did a craft together.

After the craft, we played a guessing game using papers the kids filled out about their Moms.  I love that Daniel thinks I'm 20!!

And we finished up the day with some dancing together and then the kids gave us some presents they have been working on.

This says "I Love You Because...You Do Nice Things For Me."

Sunday morning started with AJ running downstairs to give me his Mother's Day present:
And then everyone gave me the presents they bought me:
I mean really, who doesn't want a punching game for Mother's Day??  ;-)  After the presents, we spent a few hours relaxing, then got together with Carl, Sarah and Isabelle for a fun dinner together celebrating Mother's Day & Sarah & Adrian's Birthdays.  We did sides and brats & they took care of some other meats and cake.  It was a really nice day filled with love.

Now I'm dealing with the aftermath of taking it easy this weekend.  Anyone else feel behind all week??

Tomorrow I'll catch you up on the rest of the fun weekend!

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