Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Keeping Up With...Family (Culture Weekend!)

This past week was a pretty normal week for us with school, tee ball, work and a few play dates.  I did volunteer in AJ's class on Tuesday and it was my last time volunteering in his first grade class.  I'm so thankful I was able to go in once each month to work with the kids.  I mostly did sight words and reading with them, but also did math a few times.
First grade Selfie!
The other excitement for AJ this week was losing tooth #2!  He woke up Tuesday morning and it was gone.  I thought we lost it again, but he had it upstairs under his pillow.  Thankfully it fell out in the morning or I would have had to explain why the tooth fairy didn't know to come in the middle of the night!

Other than that, it was a pretty normal week for the boys.  On the other hand, Adrian and I had a great weekend!  We got to do all kids of fun and interesting things.  It started with our last play of the Broadway in Columbus season, Book of Mormon, on Friday night.  It. Was. Awesome!!  I laughed so hard through the whole show.  The cast was great, the songs were amazing and the jokes were plentiful, if a little inappropriate at times.  But it is from the writers of South Park, so I was expecting it.  I highly recommend this show, it was a great night out!

Saturday was a jam packed day.  I taught a class in the morning, then ran a bunch of errands.  Then we spent the afternoon at a birthday party for one of Daniel's classmates.  The boys had a great time, as did I since I actually had some time to chat with my friends.  The highlight was the pinata, especially after the candy went flying!
AJ hitting the pinata
Zak loved this toy!  He rode it up and down the drive way for close to an hour
Saturday night Adrian finally took the big boys to see The Lego Movie.  We wanted to go as a family, but there is no way Zak can sit through a movie right now.  So the 3 of them went out and Zak and I stayed home and watched The Wiggles.  The boys loved the movie and are now constantly singing "Everything is Awesome" or screaming "Where are my pants??"  I assume it's much like what you parents with kids who actually watched Frozen are going thru.

Sunday Adrian and I had another date!  This time it was a double date with Carl and Sarah to go to Shadowbox Live.  We won four tickets to a show at the Breakfast with Santa that AJ's school had (that was SO well put together by the amazing PTO of which I am a member).  We saw their musical show "Bigger Than Jesus" which was a rockumentary about The Beatles.  It was a great show!!  I love The Beatles music and to see some of their interpretations of the songs was great.  They also had little snippets of info about the band and their music between each song so I learned a few things.  The cast was super talented & it was really a great way to spend an afternoon!  I can't believe I hadn't been to Shadowbox before, I will be back soon.

So now we are gearing up for the end of school, AJ's birthday and our first vacation of the summer.  Busy, busy times!!

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