Monday, April 7, 2014

Keeping Up With...Food (Menu Plan 4/7 - 4/13)

I have been quiet on here for the past week & it has been a great week with my parents visiting from Florida!  We've been busy having fun and spending time with them.  Now we are all kind of suffering from vacation hangover, even though we didn't go anywhere.  Between spring break and visitors, we have been way off our normal schedule.  Spending today catching up on stuff and getting ready for a busy week coming up.  I think from here on out until summer things will be very busy!

Here is our no frills menu plan for this week.  Gotta go finish up my shopping list and cleaning up the house.

Monday, 4/7 - YOYO (you're on your own)
Tuesday, 4/8 - Chicken & Sausage Gumbo over "rice" (Relish recipe)
Wednesday, 4/9 - Thai Squash Soup with an apple mango salad (Relish recipes)
Thursday, 4/10 - Crouton Pot Pie with Kale chips (Relish recipe)
Friday, 4/11 - Creamy Potato Soup with Caesar Salad (Relish recipe)
Saturday, 4/12 - Three Cheese Mac & Cheese subbing spaghetti squash for pasta with spinach salad
Sunday, 4/13 Lunch - Chicken Caesar Pitas (Relish recipe)
Sunday, 4/13 Dinner - Stuffed Cabbage with Salad (Relish recipe)

If you area  regular reader, you may notice I have more sides this week than usual.  That's because my friend Deanna and some of her friends at Mama Said, "Eat Your Vegetables" are hosting a "Getting Back at it!" challenge this week.  The challenge is to eat more fruits & veggies during the week.  They also give you a list of fruits and veggies as a suggestion for the week.  I am trying to eat all the things on the list this week.  I have done these challenges with them in the past & it's really a great way to think about what you're eating.  I've also found new things I like, like fennel.  Come join us on Facebook!

As always, I'm linking up with Laura at Mommy, Run Fast & Jill at Fitness, Health and Happiness.  Go check them out for some more yummy recipes! 

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