Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Keeping Up With...Family (Kindergarten, Consignment & Sickness)

I have decided to switch up the order for my weekly posts.  I do all my menu planning and food list making over the weekend, so it makes more sense to do my menu planning blog then too.  Plus I often want to write about our weekend which means I'm trying to do the family post late Sun night and I'm usually tired.  So my plan is to do the menu plan by Sun night and the family weekly recap by Tues.

Last week was super busy for us, which is a common theme around here.  First up was registering Daniel for Kindergarten next year!  He did great with his assessment, knew all his letters, numbers and how to handle a book.  He struggled with rhyming (which he is constantly practicing now) and cutting (which he hates).  He also has a slight speech delay and will be retested in the fall to see if he needs speech therapy.  I was surprised by this, I guess I didn't notice since his speech is so much better than AJ's.  I'm familiar with the speech therapist there (from AJ) and she is wonderful!  So we'll wait to see what she says in Sept.
This dude is ready for Kindergarten!

After that the week went by in a blur of activity, mostly mine.  I volunteered for the PTO to help with the Kindergarten registration info booth and I was also getting ready for my first consignment sale this week.  I underestimated how much time and energy both of these things would take.  I also started my new Zumba schedule of teaching 7 classes in a week.  I was very tired and stressed.  I will not be taking on huge projects like those again in the same week!
All of the crap stuff I'm selling
Tuesday night Adrian and his father took AJ and Daniel to a Clippers baseball game.  They all had a great time and the Clippers won 11-1.  They stayed until the 7th inning, then called it a night since it was a school night for everyone.  I'm sure we'll be heading back to more games this summer.  The boys start their tee ball games this weekend which will be fun to watch as well!

This past weekend the weather was beautiful and we took full advantage of it!  We were outside most of the day Saturday and Sunday.  We even got the bikes out for the boys.  AJ is working on learning to ride without training wheels and Daniel and Zak are learning how to ride.  It was exhausting helping them all around the block. 
Zak's first time on the bike

We ended the weekend with Zak and Adrian not feeling well.  Boo!  Zak seems to have rallied pretty quickly, other than a still snotty nose.  Adrian is still struggling, even after taking two days off from work.  He's a little better tonight so back to the grind tomorrow for him!

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