Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Keeping Up With...Family (2 Weeks of Fun & Routine)

I missed this post last week, my parents were visiting all weekend and we really enjoyed our time with family.  We didn't really "do" anything, but had a great visit.  We spent most of the time just hanging out and playing with the boys.  We did a trip to Polaris to shop & play, visited a few parks, and enjoyed the nice weather in our back yard.  We also had a few meals together with my parents and my brother and his family.  It's so fun to see my niece and my boys playing together.

Other than the time with my family, it's been business as usual over here.  We are enjoying our last two months of the school routine, well at least I am, I think the boys are ready for summer break.  We are getting used to a new work schedule for me.  And we are trying to clean up the yard and get the outside ready after a harsh winter.

AJ got his report card for the third quarter of school last week and he is doing fantastic!  He is at level or above for every subject.  His teacher is very impressed with his math skills and his work ethic.  He works very hard at school and it shows in all he has learned this past year.  Since the report cards, he has also moved up another reading level and has his first "chapter" book for reading group.  This was a big personal goal for AJ, he loves reading and works very hard on practicing it and his sight words.

Zachary plans to live outside for the spring/summer.  He absolutely LOVES to be outside.  When we have a nice day, he's out as much as I will let him be.  The other day I had to lock up the sliding door & close the curtains just so he would sit down and eat dinner!  He loves swinging, sliding, playing with all the balls and popping bubbles.  He also loves going for walks around the block, which he and I do while his big brothers ride their bikes or scooters.

Here are a few pictures of the past two weeks:
Daniel & Marli swinging at the blue play ground
The terrible 2 year olds - Zak & Isabelle
Zak & Isabelle practicing their shapes
Nana pushing Zak on the swings at AJ's school play ground
Daniel sliding at Hannah Park
AJ bouncing at Hannah Park

Zak & Daniel swinging in our yard

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