Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Keeping Up With...Workouts (New Routine!!)

I missed updating last week, partly because my mom was here visiting and partly because I was so busy getting used to my new Zumba schedule!  After almost six weeks of uncertainty, I finally have a set schedule and have a few more opportunities on the horizon.  I'm SO excited to finally be back to teaching this much again.

As of now I have four permanent classes on my schedule.  I'm teaching Thursday night, Friday morning, Saturday morning and Sunday morning.  It's kinda funny how the timing worked out, but I kinda like it too.  I set up a play list by Thursday night and then do the same list for all four classes.  If you want more specifics about when and where I'm teaching, you can follow me on Facebook.

I also found out this week that I got a position with a local corporate office that provides fitness classes for their employees.  It is thru the YMCA so there are a few hoops to jump thru things to take care of and then I will start teaching two nights per week for them too.  And if it works out the Y also wants me to teach one night at their downtown location.  I'm waiting to hear all the timing on those. 

If I did them all, that would bring me to 7 classes per week, plus occasional subbing jobs.  That may be too much.  My goal was 5 classes plus subbing.  I'm going to wait and see how it all works out and then make my decision.  I may try it for a few weeks and see which classes I like and which ones aren't going well and then make some adjustments from there.
After an "interview" - I will never get used to going to an interview like this.
Other than the new Zumba schedule, the last two weeks have been pretty routine.  I am proud to say that I have stuck with my monthly strength challenges and I'm seeing a difference from them.  I am definitely developing some muscles.  I have two Groupons I'll be using in the next few months that will help with strength as well, one for Crossfit and one for more barre classes.

I've also been sticking with the theme of the year, great exercise, horrible diet.  And I'm seeing that on the scale.  I'm going to keep doing my best, that's all I can do.  I'm going to keep trying to eat better.

Here is how the last two weeks looked:
Wednesday, 3/26 - 20 minute Zumba audition
Thursday, 3/27 - Taught one hour Zumba class
Friday, 3/28 - Rest Day
Saturday, 3/29 - Lady Tutu 5K (recap next week)
Sunday, 3/30 - Taught one hour Zumba class
Monday, 3/31 - Took one hour Zumba class with a new to me instructor
Tuesday, 4/1 - 30 minutes on elliptical, 30 minutes on bike
Wednesday, 4/2 - Taught one hour Zumba class
Thursday, 4/3 - Taught two one hour Zumba classes back to back (wow, that was hard!)
Friday, 4/4 - Taught one hour Zumba class
Saturday, 4/5 - Taught one hour Zumba class
Sunday, 4/6 - Taught one hour Zumba class
Monday, 4/7 - much needed rest day!
Tuesday, 4/8 - unplanned rest day

Weigh in:
3/26 weight - 215
4/9 weight - 219
Change - up 4 lbs (see above)

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