Thursday, May 30, 2013

Work Out Wednesday

This past week has been all over the place.  We had strep throat come thru our house, fun times!  I haven't been feeling 100%, but I haven't felt sick either so I've just been doing what I can when it comes to working out.  All things considered, it was a pretty good week.  Eating was not so good.  I think between the stress & my hormones I just kinda gave up.  I gained 3 lbs in the week.  Sigh.

Tomorrow marks the end of May...the end of one challenge, the beginning of the next.  My one big challenge for May was to burn at least 500 calories from exercising every day.  I was no where near everyday, but I did hit the total overall for the month so I'm happy for that.  For June I have a few new challenges, but they all work together.  The one I was doing in May will continue to June so I'll be continuing to burn at least 500 calories per day.  To help me do this, I will be doing the 30 day shred program finally!  I have started & stopped this many times.  This time I'm determined to finish it.  The 3rd challenge will be between friends in my weight loss support group on Facebook.  We each picked a goal for weight loss, paid $10 & whoever meets their goal splits the pot.  My goal isn't set yet, but I'm thinking either 10 lbs or 5% of my current weight (which would be 11 lbs).  I'll wait & see where I weigh in on Sat morning & decide.

In addition to those challenges, I will be starting training for my 10 mile race in Aug.  Not sure what that will look like, but I'm so happy to have a fairly big group of walking friends to meet up with on the weekends.  Most of them walk a little faster than me so they are always pushing me.  I also just signed up to take Aqua Zumba with my new workout buddy Kim.  I'm SO excited to try this!!  I hope I have a bathing suit that fits...

As always, I'll keep you updated on how these challenges are going.  Here are my workouts for last week:
Thursday, 5/23 - 20 minutes Zumba, 10 minutes of squats, crunches, various strength exercises - 335
Friday, 5/24 - rest day
Saturday, 5/25 - 90 minutes of walking (6 miles) - 743
Sunday, 5/26 - rest day (I overslept & missed my walk, boo!)
Monday, 5/27 - rest day (it rained so my walk was cancelled)
Tuesday, 5/28 - 60 minutes spinning class, 30 minutes Zumba - 1,116
Wednesday, 5/29 - 60 minutes Zumba, 790

Total calories burned so far in May - 15,897 (goal is 15,500) - yay!  Made it with 2 days to spare in the month  :)


  1. I am SOOO excited to do Aqua Zumba with you!! I can't wait until next week. I'll be Zumba'ing it up twice a day for 12 weeks! WOWZERS

    1. I'm SO excited too! Some of the 12 weeks I'll be double zumba'ing, others I will only be using this as my workout. Now let's pray that my hubs doesn't get stuck at work any Weds in June!