Thursday, May 2, 2013

Workout Wednesday

So I'm tweaking this a little & changing my weekly workout posts to Wednesday.  It seems to make a little more sense to me, especially since I weigh in Weds mornings as well.  My workout week kinda goes from Weds-Weds.

Last week was crazy busy for us.  We had all of our normal stuff plus a bunch of extra play dates, errands and I got some extra work.  We ran like crazy & the boys hit the wall on Friday.  They were so worn out that we had to cancel a planned McDonald's play date that afternoon.  I barely got AJ to school & Daniel didn't want to go shopping.

After the crazy week, we woke up Sat to a sick Daniel & just general tiredness & crankiness.  It changed the whole plan for the weekend, but we still ended up having some fun & getting some stuff done...just no exercise for me.

This week wrapped up my April challenge.  My goal was to stay under my calorie goal for every day in April.  I did it for 26 days & on the 27th (Sat) I gave in to the temptation of an easy dinner (pizza).  I slacked off again on Sun, then was right back to tracking calories on Mon.  I didn't lose any weight this week, but finished the month with 13 lbs gone. 

Now that it's changing to summer & schedules will change again (plus all the bad food opportunities) I will change my focus a little.  I'm still going to try to work out & eat right, but I'm not going to be super vigilant about it.  My goal is to maintain my current weight thru Aug.  I know some weeks I'll lose, either weeks I'll gain.  I'm going to try to be OK with that.

New month brings new challenges.  This month I'm doing three, but two I'm pretty much already doing.  The new one is the The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans monthly work out calendar.  This month it's a squat challenge.  The second one I'm doing is the 500 calorie exercise burn.  I pretty much do this every day I exercise anyway.  I will be challenging myself to get it done every day.  I may actually have to get up early & exercise a few of the days (gasp!)  The last one is an extension of the photo every day challenge I'm already doing.  I'm going to follow The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans photo a day challenge where they give me a work every day to inspire my picture.  Should be a fun month!

Here is the wrap up of what I did last week.  Starting next week I will also post my calories burned & my cumulative calories for the month.  My goal is 15,500 in the month of May!

Wednesday - 40 minutes Zumba class, 15 minutes on bike
Thursday - 60 minutes Zumba class
Friday - 60 minutes Zumba class
Saturday - unintentional rest day (sick kiddo)
Sunday - rest day (I was exhausted after a rough Sat)
Monday - 45 minutes Zumba class, 15 minutes on bike
Tuesday -30 minutes on bike, 20 minutes on elliptical, 30 minutes of Zumba class

My first picture for the month of May - sweaty!

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  1. So....friend..we are 2 days away from our amazing race! Are you excited? My nerves are all over the place!! I made my husband drive UP the hill on High just so I could get a feel for it. Anyway, I'm also doing another Zumba class on Tuesdays so that will be two Zumba classes a week until my mileage picks up again! I'm loving Zumba more and more each time I take it!! Congrats on your losses this month! 13 lbs is awesome!!!