Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Race Recap - Fast 5K

I had another race this week, the Fast 5K which is the second race in the Coughlin Race Series I signed up for earlier this year.  I missed the first race in this series, so this was my first one.  I was super excited about this race as it's practically in my back year (10 minute drive...that never happens!)

The other cool thing about this race was that it didn't start until 8:45.  That means I got to sleep in, enjoy some coffee at home & head out around 7:45.  Got there & parked at Kroger with no problems.  Then I went to text my friends & realized the guy at Verizon had not transferred all my contacts into my new phone the night before, only some of them were there.  Thankfully Amy texted me & told me where they were in the bathrooms - I should have guessed!!  :)

The 4 of us ready to race - Dana, Joni, me & Amy

The race started & ended at a car lot & they had a bunch of nice cars lining the finish line for us.  We lined up at the start line & took off right on time and headed back into the development behind the dealership.  The course was nice, very quiet & pretty.  There were some hills, but nothing we couldn't handle especially since we walk Sharon Woods so often now.
Amy & I at the half way point
The worst part about this race was it was super hot & sticky!  And my allergies were bothering me.  So the combo of those 2 things didn't make it my fastest race.  We finished in just over 47 minutes, don't have the exact time, I had no way to keep my new huge phone on me during the race.

There was a medal & cup for all finishers.  The cup was for beer later in the morning which I couldn't stick around for since I had a very important birthday party to prep for.  There was also a ton of swag after the race, I came home with bags, pens, sunglasses, cups & a few other things.  The only bad thing is they didn't have the food or water right near the finish line, we had to walk a ways to get them...and I was both hungry & thirsty after the race!

All in all it was a very fun race.  This series was so worth the money so far.  The next race in the series in the Columbus 10K this weekend so look for another recap next week.

Finally, here are my workouts for the past week.  It was very hit or miss this past week, I have a feeling that will be how the whole summer goes.  I'm happy that I met my goal for calories burned in May, working for more in June.  I haven't gotten over the birthday hangover & got my butt in gear to start the 30 day Shred, but I will soon!

Thursday, 5/30 - rest day (too much excitement over Kindergarten graduation)
Friday, 5/31 - 50 minutes of Zumba, 718
Saturday, 6/1 - 5K race, 384
Sunday, 6/2 - 4 mile walk, 539
Monday, 6/3 - rest day (we were all exhausted after a full weekend of parties for AJ)
Tuesday, 6/4 - 60 minutes spinning class, 20 minutes Zumba, 915
Wednesday, 6/5 - rest day (Adrian got stuck at work & I had to miss my night class - boo!)

Total calories burned for May - 16,615 (goal was 15,500) - yay!
Total calories burned so far in June - 1,838 (goal is 15,000)

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