Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Day in AJ's class

A few months ago AJ came to me with tears in his eyes asking why "everyone else's Moms" come into his class & I never do.  I never thought about going in to volunteer in his class since I had the other 2 boys to take care of.  Then I asked Adrian if he would take off a day so I could go in.  I emailed AJ's teacher & volunteered for Feb.  My mom was in town so she watched Daniel & Zak, so I volunteered again for March.  We have been blessed by our friend Tammy offering to watch the other 2 boys while I go in once a month now to volunteer...and Adrian has been able to save his days off for fun things.

My day in April was Monday the 22nd.  It was Earth Day & the start of "Write to Read" week.  When I got there Miss Fish apologized that it was a very busy day & she didn't really have anything with the kids I could help with (I normally do assessments or help with a center).  She gave me so busy work to help out with.  It was kinda nice to be doing some mindless work, I got to watch the class more & see how AJ does.

The class read a poem & talked about how to help our Earth & then did a craft with the same theme.  AJ even raised his hand & answered a question...he never does that!  After about 30 minutes, it was time for us to go to the library to meet a local author!  AJ was so excited to walk the halls with me, telling me all about where everything was.  We listened to the author and then the kids "wrote" their own stories.
AJ (in green) listening to the author
I learned so much about AJ during this 90 minutes in school!  And he has talked so much more to me about things that are happening in school since this day.  I found out that he loves "Pete the Cat" books, so we got some from the library & ordered him the newest one (Pete's Big Lunch) for a reward that he earned.  We also talk all the time about ways to help the Earth...the two big ones being walk or ride bikes instead of driving & turning off lights/water when we're not using them.

I'm so thankful for the opportunity to go into the classroom & see what is going on.  I am going in again tomorrow to do end of year assessments & celebrate AJ's birthday (since it's in June he wants to celebrate before school ends on the 30th).  Adrian will get the opportunity to go to field day since he still has a ton of vacation time to use.  And we will all go in to see the Kindergarten celebration on the last day of school.  I can't believe this school year is almost over!  And I can't believe how much AJ has learned & grown this year!

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