Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Day in Daniel's Class

This past Thursday I was invited to Mother's Day tea at Daniel's preschool.  We had so much fun!  I got there & took a picture with Daniel and then we had a snack together, muffins & "tea" (water or iced tea).  We then got started on our craft...making a butterfly magnet.
Daniel being silly with the coffee filter for our craft
Finished Product
After we finished our crafts, we went to the floor for circle time.  Each child had filled in 2 forms about their Mom.  Mrs. Washington read them and we had to guess which Mom/child pair the sheets were about.  Some of them were hilarious!  Love the mind of a 3 year old.  Here is mine & Daniels'.  His answers are in bold & our comments are in italics.

Let me tell you about my mom.
My mom is 16 years old.  favorite child!!
She likes to work outEveryone guessed me with this line.  I love that that is how Daniel & all of them see me.
The best thing she cooks is saladBecause Daddy likes it, not Daniel.
Her favorite food is ? Maybe he just couldn't narrow it down to one.  ;)
Her favorite thing to do to relax is watch TVtrue story
We like to play video games togetherI don't actually like it, but they do so I do it for them.
She is really good at taking care of me and my brothers Seriously, favorite child!
As you can see, my mom is special because she loves me!  :)
My Mom is as pretty as a flowerAww
She is as sweet as candy and ice cream Either of these would have also worked for favorite food.
She is as smart as The Flash Um, OK.
But most of all, she is as special as Dad!  No longer the favorite, what did AJ make me for Mother's Day??  ;)

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