Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Workout Weds & Cap City Recap

So this race wasn't supposed to be about me.  It was going to be Adrian's first 1/2.  He trained for over 4 months.  I was gonna walk the 1/4, then hang around to see him (and some of my other runner friends) cross the finish line.

Then the sickness hit.  Daniel got it first the week before, followed by AJ & Zak.  It was pretty miserable here that week, and I was just trying to get us thru the week & let Adrian get as much rest as he could.  Then I got it Thurs night.  I felt horrible when I got up Fri morning & immediately called out of work & cancelled my day.  I rested all day (as much as I could) and started feeling better around dinner time.  It was a lot of mind over matter on my part, convincing myself that I felt better.

 I also had a mental boost...I was able to fit into the race shirt from the race 2 years ago.  I was SO excited!

It fits!!

We got everyone to bed early & were getting ready to head up ourselves when it happened.  Adrian started complaining he didn't feel well.  We went to bed hoping for the best.  Then Zak was up around 11pm.  After an hour of taking care of both him & Adrian, I was exhausted.  We needed to pull the plug for one of us, and it was pretty clear Adrian would be in no shape to run.  I left the sickies & headed to the couch to get a few hours of sleep.

I got up around 5:30 and started getting ready to head out.  I was running late getting downtown since I had to do some things I wasn't expecting, like driving, parking & finding the start line alone.  I finally get all situated and got to the start line & into my corral around 7:20.  It was super easy to meet up with my other walker friends, much better than last time.

It was a beautiful day for a race!  It was a little cold, but I prefer that over too hot.  We heard the announcements, the moment of silence for Boston & the Star Spangled Banner.  Then they were off.  The runners started going out in their waves & we crossed the start line about 15 minutes later.  I love the energy of this race!!  I even got to see Bobby Carpenter at the start line...Adrian would have loved it!

Tammy & I started off quickly.  I was really tired but my adrenaline started going & my legs followed.  Before I knew it, we crossed mile 1.  We always have great chats & this race was no different.  Plus there was a ton of music & bands along the course.  We split off from the 1/2-ers around 2.5 miles & met back up with them around mile 4.5.

I got a little upset around then because as we turned the corner I nearly smacked right into the pacer for 2:20 group.  That is where Adrian planned to be.  I would have seen him on the course!!  How cool!  But I put it out of my mind & finished up my race strong.  When we hit the finisher's shoot, I heard a ton of people cheering for me.  I love how this race puts your name on your bib so strangers can cheer for you.  I was joking that I must have looked tired because it felt like everyone was cheering me on. 

We crossed the finish line with a final time of 1:44:32, 7 seconds faster than we did the last 1/4.  I was SO happy!  I had been thinking about a PR during the last few weeks leading up to the race, but when the sickness hit, I refocused & just wanted to finish.  We were in a huge crowd when we crossed, it was the last big push of 1/2 marathoners going for a sub 2 hour race.  Very cool energy.  You can see my official results here.

We got our medals & fought our way thru the crowd to get water & a bagel.  Then headed into the finisher's party, possibly the best part of this race.  We got our free champagne, free beer & free chocolate milk.  What more could a girl ask for??

Tammy & I toasting to a great race!
I needed 2 drinks after the week I had  :)
This race will always have a special place in my heart since it was the first one I did 2 years ago.  Plus it is just such a fun race!!  I'm already thinking about doing it next year.  The big question is 1/2 or 1/4?  And Adrian??  He spent the whole weekend in bed, and missed a day of work.  He was still struggling most of last week, but seems to finally be over it now.  He went for his first run in almost 2 weeks today & is planning to train again & do the Columbus 1/2 marathon in Oct.

Sorry this got a little long.  Thanks for reading to the end.  One more thing, here is a quick rundown of the workouts I got in the past 2 weeks, since I missed last week.  And the calorie burn for my monthly challenge.
Weds 5/1 - 35 minutes Zumba class, 15 minutes elliptical, 40 minutes yoga - 813 calories
Thurs 5/2 & Fri 5/3 - rest
Sat 5/4 - Cap City 1/4 marathon! - 857 calories
Sun 5/5 - rest
Mon 5/6 - 45 minutes Zumba, 20 minutes bike - 831 calories
Tues 5/7 - 60 minutes spinning, 30 minutes Zumba - 1,066
Weds 5/8 - 60 minutes Zumba, 10 minutes bike - 843 calories
Thurs 5/9-Sun 5/12 - lazy days! (celebrating Adrian's birthday & Mother's Day...more on that soon)
Mon 5/13 - 60 minutes circuit training - 702 calories
Tues 5/14 - 60 minutes spinning - 733 calories
Weds 5/15 - 60 minutes Zumba - 766 calories

Total calories burned so far in May - 6,611


  1. rockstar...that is all :) Congrats!

  2. Great job, Christa!!! Sorry Adrian missed his race, though. That's such a bummer after so much training. Hope all the germs are gone now!

    1. Thanks Anne! The germs all seem to be gone, finally! Adrian felt horrible, but it was the right decision. He never could have made 13 miles, not even sure he could have done the 1/4. Totally sucks though. But he's back at it & will do it next time!