Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Goals Update

April was a really good month for me goals wise!  We had a very busy & also very fun month.  It flew by & I can't believe May starts tomorrow.  We only have one more month of school & schedules left, not sure if I'm excited or terrified about that.  :)  Here is the update on my goals for this month.

Exercise Goals
1.  Do 13 races in 2013 - I finished three races in April, the virtual 5 by the 5th, Scioto Miles Race #2 & Spirit Sprint, bringing my total for the year to 7.  Halfway there & 8 months still left in the year!
2.  Exercise 5 days/week - I killed this one this month...I exercised 28 of the 30 days in April!  I'm super proud of myself for getting so much exercise this month.  Really hoping to keep this up as the summer months start.
3.  Do monthly challenges - In April I decided to focus more on my eating that exercising for my monthly challenge.  I wanted to be under my calorie goal for every day in April.  I did really well with this & was under my goal 28 of the 30 days in April.  I also did the Eat Your Veggies challenge this month.  I got at least 5 servings of veggies every day except 2 days (seeing a pattern).  I even tried new veggies including fennel & purple cauliflower.  And I started cooking with onion!  Yes family members who are reading this...I am cooking with onion now.  It's just a little, but it's enough.  :)

Weight Loss Goals
1.  Stay under my calorie goal for the day for 13 out of 14 days - Again, I killed this goal this month.  I was under every day until April 27th.  We had a very busy weekend & sick & cranky kids so we caved & had pizza & ice cream cake.  So worth it!
2.  Lose 1-2 lbs/week - I killed this one as well, probably because of the good diet & exercise (duh!)  I gained 7 lbs in the last 2 weeks of March, then in April I lost those 7 plus 6 more!  That's 13 lbs total lost in April, yay!!
3.  Get under 200 lbs by my birthday the 1/4 marathon the end of the year - I'm currently at 216.  I keep changing this goal time frame, which I think is healthy.  I'm not getting annoyed when I don't hit the goal, I'm just readjusting my goal.  I will get to one-derland one day...

Family/Personal Goals
1.  Declutter this house - This is still kinda by the wayside, but I'm kicking it up in May!  I intentionally put it aside to finish something for AJ's school and I'm happy to report that I did that.  I also did a quick declutter of my closet & gave away a bag of clothes that were too big.
2.  Read at least 12 books this year - I finished 1 book in April:  "To Have & To Hold" by Jane Green.  I really enjoyed this book, which is not surprising to me.  It was light, chick-lit with a happy ending.  That brings my total to 7 for the year - more than half way there!
3.  Take one picture each day - This has been a super fun challenge so far!  Not like I needed to take more pictures, but it is a really cool way to chronicle the year.  You can check out the pictures on Facebook.  Still going strong with this one, haven't missed a day yet, although some days are harder than others.
5.  More consistent blogging - I did quite a bit of blogging in April.  I did all my training updates, race recaps, updates & the boys & am updating this on-time.  I also did a blog post about Easter.  Hope you're all enjoying keeping up with us!

How are your goals for 2013 going??

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