Monday, May 27, 2013

Daniel's Last Day of School

I can't believe a whole school year has gone by.  Seems like I was just figuring out what to do for the boys this year for school, and then it was the first day, and now it's over.  Daniel finished his first year of preschool last Thursday.  He did such a great job this year & I think he really started to come out of his shell.  He learned so much & I am so impressed with the job that Eastpointe Christian Preschool did during their first year.

On Thursday, they had a little ceremony for all the kids.  They got to bring their favorite stuffed animal to school with them for the day.  Daniel picked Tigger, of course.
Ready for the last day of school!
AJ was home sick that day (we had strep throat all week, not fun) so he joined me & Zak for the ceremony.  We got there & the class was having circle time and reading "Going on a Bear Hunt."
Daniel & his class listening to the story
After she finished the story, Mrs. Washington called up each student & gave them a folder and a little gift as a memory of their time in the class.
Daniel getting his award & memory book
Daniel got the book "The Talking Crayon Box" with a very sweet letter from his teacher in the front cover.  He also has a beautiful memory book with pictures of his first year in preschool and a star student certificate.  And he had his final evaluation, as well as copies of all his previous evaluations.  It was great to see his improvements thru the year!  He did such a great job at his first year in school!  This summer we will work on writing his name & continue his crafting.  Next year he will be back in Eastpointe three days/week.  I'm sure it will be over again before I know it.
Daniel & his certificate

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