Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Workout Wednesday - Trying New Things

So this week I pretty much killed it, both eating wise & exercise wise.  :)  I had slipped a little the 2 previous weeks & gained back 5 lbs.  But I weighed in this morning & I'm back down to 216, lost all 5 lbs, yay!  My goal is to at least maintain this weight all summer.

I tried two new workouts this past week.  Last Wednesday I got to the gym to take my normal Zumba class & the instructor decided to have class outside since it was so nice.  It was the same class, just a different experience.  I had to be a lot more careful with my footwork and I felt the whole routine more in my leg muscles.  I'm thinking it was a combination of the floor not giving & the slight slant that I kept trying to avoid.  I was also dripping with sweat after the class, much more than usual.  It was a ton of fun & I would do it again!

Then Sunday night I was planning to take the class at my gym with my new friend Kim.  I don't normally take it because it's Zumba Gold, which means it's lower impact.  But one of my favorite teachers was subbing in so it would be a normal high impact Zumba.  I found out Saturday morning that she would be teaching Sentao which is Zumba with chairs.
My dancing partner!
The class was so much fun!!  And a really different workout, I worked totally different muscles which are still sore today (3 days later)!!  It was a great leg, butt & core workout.  I hope my gym decides to buy some chairs so we can do it again.  If not, I may be doing it off YouTube in my living room!

It was fun to step out of my normal routine & do some new things.  I'm going to keep looking for opportunities to do that over the summer.

Here's a run down of my workouts for the week, and my calorie burn for the challenge I'm doing for the month.

Thursday, 5/16 - 50 minutes Zumba, 10 on elliptical - 864
Friday, 5/17 - 20 minutes on bike, 60 minutes Zumba - 1,090
Saturday, 5/18 - 60 minutes Zumba - 790
Sunday, 5/19 - 60 minutes Zumba Sentao - 934
Monday, 5/20 - rest day!
Tuesday, 5/21 - 20 minutes on bike, 60 minutes Zumba - 1,090
Wednesday, 5/22 - 70 minutes Zumba, 20 minutes on bike, 1,234

Total calories burned so far in May - 12,913 (goal is 15,500)

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