Sunday, May 26, 2013

Zachary - 15 months

Zachary has had a busy month of getting into everything!!  He is really keeping us on our toes.  His favorite activity right now is climbing on everything.  He uses the step stool whenever he can.  He climbs up the kitchen chairs & onto the kitchen table.  He has also started trying to climb down the stairs...he tries to go head first!

In addition to getting into everything, Zak has also become quite a clown.  He routinely cracks up all his friends at the gym with his antics.  He will take a toy & throw it into an empty bucket & then crack up at himself.  The other kids think this is hysterical & the whole place is laughing before you know it.  He does the same thing at home cracking up his brothers.  Zak also thinks pretty much anything AJ or Daniel does is hysterical.  Lots of laughter these day!!

Zachary had his 15 month well check this week as well.  Doctor says he is doing great, exactly where he should be.  He did tell us we need to stop the bottle, but then Zak caught strep throat from his big brothers so we're waiting until everyone is better to change anything.  We're not sleeping enough in this house this week so we certainly don't need a change in routine too!  Zak is measuring at 26 lbs, 2.5 oz & 32 inches long, both 75%.

Here are some pictures of Zak being silly the past month:

Zak shaking my cherry pits.  He laughed at his for like 30 minutes!
Early morning smiles
"Helping" with the laundry
Checking out at Aldi.  He was having a blast riding the belt...and cracked up 1/2 the store

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