Sunday, August 26, 2012

First Day of School!!

This past week was a very big week for the Jones house...both AJ & Daniel started school.  I'm hoping to write a summer recap blog, but for now I just wanted to share their first day experiences.

Monday night we went to meet Daniel's teacher & see his classroom.  He wasn't overly thrilled while there, but later said he was excited to go.  Thursday morning came & I had to drop him off first.  He goes at 8:45 & when we got there, there was a line of parents dropping their kids off.  We finally got up to his teacher & she showed him his hook for his book bag then told him to pick an animal on the carpet to sit on.  He looked very skeptical, but sat down on the cow & didn't cry at all when I said bye.  I got a little choked up but held back.  I picked him up at 11:30 & his teacher said he did great!  He was excited to see me & ran right out & then to the car.  At first he didn't want to talk to me but then he opened up & told me everything they did that day!  His favorite parts were the fruit snacks for snack & "making stamps" for craft (he did a hand print).  About 3 hours after we were home he turned to me & said "Mom, my school is pretty awesome.  I like my teacher.  When can I go back?"  Success!!

Monday afternoon we went to sneak a peek of AJ's class room & meet his teacher.  We did a scavenger hunt & AJ got to get familiar with the class room & some other areas of the school.  After dropping Dan off on Thursday, we headed home to wait for AJ's bus (#25).  It was very late, not surprising since his bus is only kindergarten & it was their first day.  When it finally arrived, he jumped on super excited (he rode the bus last year & that was always his favorite part of the day).  He came back home a few hours later & his review was "It was fun, but I'm hungry from all the playing."  That was all I heard for a few hours (again not surprised, this happened last year) & then he finally filled me in.  He said he liked his class, explained the whole behavior chart to me & complained that he didn't get breakfast since it was a short day.  He also told me he met AJ B.  He is very excited that there is another AJ in his class & was upset we didn't meet him on Monday.  He's also very excited to go back this week!

AJ & Daniel being silly on the porch before we left

Daniel walking into Eastpointe Christian Preschool

Daniel & his class in circle time

AJ waiting for the bus in front of the house

It's here - bye Mom!

Quickly posing before they head off on their super long drive  :)

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