Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Weekly Workout & Race Recap

This past Sunday I did the Spirit 5K Walk/Run.  A flier about it came home with AJ from school & it looked like an interesting race.  It was a $20 entry fee & more than 50% of that (plus some donated money) went to the schools.  They did it as a contest between about 7 school districts.  The district who had the most people participate won the most & then it went down from there.  Licking Heights didn't win (Groveport Madison had a TON of people there) but they were probably in the middle of the pack.

We signed up for this race as a family.  Adrian & I paid & the kids were free.  We were going to all walk it together & then go to Chuck E Cheese for lunch with a friend.  Fri night we looked at the forecast & it was going to be around 30 degrees at race time so we decided I would walk it alone.  I knew a friend from the gym was interested in doing it too so she took Adrian's entry.

The race started down the street from my house (score!) so I didn't have to leave until about 45 minutes before race time.  Packet pickup & parking were super easy & there weren't a ton of people so it was easy to meet up with my friend & her husband.  We hung out trying to stay warm until the race started at 9:00am.

Before the race they did a moment of silence for Boston followed by the Star Spangle Banner by one of the schools' marching band.  Elizabeth & I lined up in the middle of the pack (much farther up than I normally do but you could tell most of the field wouldn't be running, or even walking fast).  We got started heading straight down Morrison into Gahanna.
My bibs - the official one & a virtual run for Boston one

The course was an out & back.  We found our groove pretty quickly & started passing numerous people.  There were a few bands & cheerleaders along the course which was fun.  We got to mile 1 pretty quickly & saw all the runners heading back.  The course was hilly but we pretty much kept the same pace the whole time.  Conversation was great & the miles flew by.

We got back to the finish line & both felt really good.  Finished in 48:06, about an average time for me.  There were a ton of snacks at the finish line (which I skipped since I had brought my own).  I did grab a bottle of flavored water they had that was delicious!  It was called Oxy & I'll be looking for it again.  There were about 7 different flavors, I picked peach mango.  Yum!
The race was well run, easy to navigate & a challenging course.  It didn't have a lot of fanfare.  It was close to home.  I would definitely do it again next year, hopefully with the whole family & in better weather.

The rest of the week was pretty standard for working out.  Here's what I did each day:
Wednesday - 60 minute Zumba class
Thursday - 60 minute Zumba class, 15 minutes on elliptical, 20 minutes on bike
Friday - 60 minute Zumba class, 20 minutes on bike
Saturday - 4 mile walk
Sunday - 5K walk
Monday - 40 minute Zumba class, 20 minutes on bike
Tuesday - 60 minute spinning class

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