Friday, March 24, 2017

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 3/17 - 3/23)

Friday (3/17) Happy St Patrick's Day!  We didn't do anything special to celebrate, we usually don't.  Occasionally we wear some green but that's all.  But it was a super fun day for us.  Adrian took the day off to spend with Zak so I could go on a field trip with Daniel.  I went with him and his class to a local ice skating rink.  We had so much fun!  We learned the science behind making the ice and then got to skate some.  We finished up with lunch and then the bus ride home in the snow, which the kids thought was awesome.


While we were gone, Adrian took Zak and went to a few stores.  Zak bought the new Beyblade that he has been saving his allowance for and Adrian got a new card game.  When we got back to the school, Adrian and Zak picked up Daniel and I and we went to pick up the van with it's newly fixed seat warmers.  Then we came home and picked up AJ and I went to the Y to teach a very small Barre class.  I picked up Jets pizza for us for dinner on my way home and we had family night eating pizza and finally watching "Trolls."  I was exhausted after a very long week so I headed to bed early while Adrian stayed up to watch some of the basketball games.  Great day!!

Saturday (3/18) started with us splitting up for the morning activities.  Adrian took AJ and Daniel to their Pinewood Derby.  Daniel's car did great and came in 4th, just shy of getting the 3rd place medal.  AJ's car didn't fall apart (a huge concern!) and also didn't finish last so he was very happy.  They have a few ideas how to make the cars better next year.  While they were there, I took Zak to his first soccer class of this session.  He did great playing all the games and said it was the best time!

We spent the afternoon doing as much as we could around the house while the boys played.  It's another busy week coming up and then we have company coming the week after so we're trying to get everything done this weekend.  Then Adrian and I headed out to an early birthday present for me - the Bon Jovi concert!!  We had so much fun at the concert!  I sang and danced and smiled all night!  We bought tickets behind the stage which I was back and forth about when we bought them.  I figured there would be a TV screen and worst case I could just watch that.  Well there was a screen, but I barely looked at it.  I watched their backs for most of the show and it was amazing.  They music is so great and they don't really have a "show" so it didn't really matter.  He turned around a lot and it was actually the closest I've ever seen him.  Plus I had the same view as the band which was a pretty cool experience.  I would definitely buy seats back there again, it was fantastic!

Sunday (3/19) started way too early after a late night last night.  Daniel and Zak were up at 6am, gah!  I made them go downstairs alone and watch TV and laid in bed for a while but never really went back to sleep.  At least Adrian and AJ got to sleep in a little longer.  I headed to church to volunteer in childcare while Adrian stayed home with the kids to get them ready for their first swim lesson of the session.  AJ and Daniel did great, Zak struggled with listening to the instructor.  After that we just hung out at home and got ready for our week.  Adrian has a sleep study tonight so he is there for the night.  I'm hoping everyone stays in their own bed and I can enjoy our nice big bed alone tonight.

Monday (3/20) I got a great night of sleep last night!  We all got up and out to school and work and I ran a few errands as well.  Then Zak and I grabbed a quick lunch and headed back out to the church to register him for kindergarten next year.  He enjoyed talking to the teachers and "playing all of their games."  He did great with the assessment, struggled a little with rhyming and cutting, but he's a lefty and they didn't have lefty scissors.  Other than that he did great and is all set to start at West in the fall.  I had fun catching up with some friends at the church for registration as well.
After that, we had a quick stop home before we had to run out to meet up with someone who picked up AJ's jacket since he had left it at the Pinewood Derby on Saturday.  Then Zak and I picked up the other boys and headed to the Y for my Zumba class.  Adrian came home and cooked meatball subs for us for dinner before heading out with Daniel to his baseball practice.  We finished up the night with Adrian heading out to his weekly basketball game.  Busy start to our week!

Tuesday (3/21) started early because Zak thought 4:30 was a good time to get up.  I laid in bed until my normal time to get up but never really fell back asleep.  I got everyone out to school and work and went to teach my Silver Sneakers class.  I had a huge full class again, it's such a great group of seniors!!  Then I came back and picked up Zak from school and headed home for lunch and some relaxing.  We were able to walk up the school to pick up AJ and Daniel which is so nice when we can do it!  I'm hoping it's a daily thing after spring break next week.  The boys had a great time playing together after school and then we all enjoyed taco Tuesday!  We finished up the day with Adrian taking AJ to Brain Balance for his session and then we all relaxed with some TV and an early bedtime.

Wednesday (3/22) started with a sick Daniel.  He was complaining his throat hurt and had a fever all day.  Thankfully Adrian was able to stay home with him today so I was still able to get everyone to school and teach my two classes.  Other than that we didn't do a whole lot.  Daniel laid on the couch all day, still had a fever when he went to bed.  If he still has the fever tomorrow, we'll be heading to the doctor.  AJ and Zak played together some and Adrian was able to play with them too since he didn't have his normal commute.  We enjoyed pasta together for dinner and Adrian and I finished the night with Survivor.
Thursday (3/23) started similar to Wednesday with a sick Daniel.  Thankfully Adrian was again able to work from home in the morning so I could get everyone to school and teach my Silver Sneakers class.  I was exhausted after that since I had been up on and off with Daniel all night.  He spent the day on the couch while everyone was at school.  Adrian went in to his office for the afternoon, then to happy hour with his coworkers.  Since we were all exhausted, we cancelled AJ's Brain Balanace appointment for the night and decided to have a calm night.  However soon after Adrian got home, Daniel became very disoriented and started talking jibberish.  So we rushed to Children's Urgent Care to see what was going on.  It was nothing to worry about, it happens to children when their fever spikes suddenly.  They did a strep test and it was positive so Daniel is out of school again tomorrow and on antibiotics.  I'm hoping no one else in the house gets it!

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