Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Keeping up with...Family (Weekly Wrap 2/24 - 3/2)

Friday (2/24) was gorgeous outside!  I almost felt bad sending the boys to school, but then I remembered I had a breakfast date and I didn't feel bad at all.  I dropped everyone off and headed to Easton to meet my friend Katie.  We had pancakes at Northstar Cafe and then walked around window shopping for like an hour.  It was a glorious start to my day!
Zak got home from school shortly after I got home and Noah and Darnell stayed to play in the yard for a little after school.  The boys ran around having a blast while Darnell & I chatted.  So much adult conversation for me today!  They left to head home for lunch and Zak and I played with silly string and bubbles before heading in for our own lunch.  Before I knew it, it was time to pick up the other boys.  We walked up to get them and then stayed out front drawing with chalk for a while.

AJ needed to get ready for soccer so the other boys headed to the yard so I could help get him ready.  Adrian came home and picked him up while I headed back to the yard for more bubbles.  We finally headed inside for a short break before Carl, Sarah, Isabelle & Vincent came over for dinner.  The little ones quickly headed outside while the adults chatted inside.  Adrian picked up Jets pizza for us for dinner and we had ice cream cake for Daniel's birthday.  The kids had a great time playing together as always and Daniel was super excited about his (final) birthday gifts.  What a fun filled day!!

Saturday (2/25) started early after a rough night of sleep due to Zak having some nightmares.  He came into our room and woke us both up at around 3am.  But we didn't have a choice but to get up and moving since we had a jam packed day.  Adrian got AJ ready and took him up to Brain Balance.  I got the other two ready and took Zak to a soccer make up.  He was way larger than the kids in the class he was supposed to be in so I bumped him up a level and he did great!  He said he loved class and can't wait to do that one every week.

We headed home and passed Adrian and AJ on the road to AJ's soccer make up.  We had lunch then all got ready to head to basketball.  AJ and Daniel were playing at the same time so Zak and I went to watch both games.  We jumped back and forth every 5 minutes (they change players every 5 mins) to watch them both.  They were both really close games, with Daniel's team winning at the last minute and AJ's team losing.  Everyone played great!  They had their awards ceremony after the game and AJ and Daniel both won the "Christ like Attitude" award.  I was so proud of both of them!
AJ had a double header so after awards, his team headed to game number 2 and I took Daniel and Zak home.  We were all exhausted by the time we got home.  We ordered out for dinner and spent the rest of the night watching TV, playing video games, cleaning up a little and relaxing.  Fun but tiring day!

Sunday (2/26) we all slept in and it was glorious!  We only have a few Sundays left that we can sleep in and start slow before we have swimming every week.  I'm enjoying them as much as I can.  We got ready and headed to the second service at church.  After we got home, we spent most of the day getting stuff done around the house.  We had stuff to go thru from Valentine's Day, birthdays and lots of general cleaning to get done.  We did sneak out for about an hour to get BOGO Menchie's ice cream treats and we also sat down for family dinner and talked about nice things people had done for us the past week.  That may have been one of my favorite conversation starters we have done this year.  We finished the night with some wine and the Oscars, even though I haven't seen any of the movies that are nominated.

Monday (2/27) we were back to our routine and up bright and early to get to school and work.  After I picked up Zak from school, we went to his friend Noah's house for a play date.  They have been asking to play together for a while and our schedules finally allowed it.  I got to catch up with his mom which is always nice.  Then we picked up the other boys and headed to the Y so I could teach my first class in over a week.  It was tough but I was so happy to be moving!

When I picked up the boys I found out that neither of them ate lunch because I sent the wrong lunchboxes with them.  AJ had Daniel's and vice versa.  They didn't like what I packed for the other person.  Oops!  I told them they can feel free to pack their own lunch in the morning to make sure they get the right stuff, they weren't impressed.  We stopped home to get them some food before heading to the Y.  After class, we came home, had dinner and Adrian went to basketball.  It was a fairly routine Monday, which is just how I like it!

Tuesday (2/28) we got up and out to work on time again today.  I ran a few errands and taught a class while everyone was at school.  Then I picked up Zak and we headed to Costco.  He loves going there with me, it's his new favorite store (sorry Aldi!)  We grabbed what we needed and a few free samples and headed back home to get ready for the evening.  It was a busy one after school!  I headed to my Zumba class while Adrian fed the boys dinner and took them to their school art show.  I met them at the art show and we had a nice time walking around looking at all of the art.  Then I took Zak home while Adrian took the other two to Boy Scouts.  Lots of running but lots of fun!

Wednesday (3/1) we got up and out and after I dropped everyone off at school, I headed into the older boys' school to volunteer in their classrooms.  I practiced telling time with Daniel's class and then tried to make some copies for the math work books for AJ's class but the copiers were not working with card stock so I had to wait on that.  I did a few things to help for the PTO then headed out early to run and grab a few groceries before picking Zak up.  It was Wacky Wednesday for him at school so he told me all about the "wacky" things that happened in his classroom.  He thought it was great that he got to wear his clothes backwards to school today!

We spent the afternoon trying to do a few things around the house and catch our breath in the middle of what was becoming a crazy week for all of us.  Then we picked up AJ and Daniel and headed over to the Y for my Zumba class.  When I finished with that, we hustled down the street for Zak and Daniel's soccer classes.  They both did great playing!!  Next week is parents week and then this session is over and everyone moves up a level. 

Thursday (3/2) I got everyone out to school and then went into the boys' school to help set up for feed the teachers that evening.  Then I went to teach my Silver Sneakers class and pick up Zak from school.  We ran a few errands together and then headed to Chick Fil A to meet another one of Zak's friends for a play date.  The kids played in the play area while the other mom and I caught up.  It was a very fun play date!  In fact, it was so fun that we lost track of time and had to rush to get out and get back to pick up AJ and Daniel in time.

We all got home and I decided to make a theme dinner for Dr Suess' birthday.  It took a while but it was fun.  Then we all had to run out to our night activities.  Adrian took AJ to his last basketball practice for the season while I took the other two to a parent teacher conference with AJ's teacher.  She had great things to say about his academics, he's still struggling socially but doing better.  It's the same thing I hear all the time about him.  After that we switched kids and Daniel had his last basketball practice with Adrian while I took AJ and Zak to Brain Balance.  I was so tired by then that I was thrilled to be able to just sit in the waiting room and chat with a few of the other moms.  It was a long and tiring week for all of us!!

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