Saturday, November 12, 2016

Keeping Up With...Family (Weekly Wrap 11/4 - 11/10)

Grr!  I had this whole post done but it somehow disappeared.  I normally write the paragraphs each night and then just have to add pictures and publish it on the weekend.  Since I lost this, I'm retyping it all from memory.  It may not be as good as some other weeks, or as good as this one was before I lost it!

Friday (11/4) was a pretty typical day for us, school, work and Zumba.  However after all of that was done, we got to take some time to play in the yard since it was so warm.  I'm loving this mild fall weather!  So happy to be outside burning some energy after a busy week.
Saturday (11/5) I left bright and early to head to Barre training for the day so Adrian had the boys for the day.  His parents came in to help him so everyone could do their morning activities, Adrian took AJ to Brain Balance while Grandma and Grandpa took Zak to soccer.  After that, they had pizza for lunch, worked on rain gutter regatta boats, played, and watched football.  They had a fun day together!  I met up with everyone when I was done and we went to Rusty Bucket for dinner and then Menchie's for dessert.
Sunday (11/6) we spent the day at the state fairgrounds at the Kidslinked Learning Rocks expo.  It was just about everything the boys like rolled into one day.  We started with breakfast with Pokemon characters and enjoyed pancakes, sausage and meeting Pikachu and Charmander.  Then we headed outside and used their Poke-lure to catch some Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

After that we walked around and went to all the booths to collect some free stuff and listen to some of the sales pitches.  AJ and Daniel competed in the Minecraft tournament where Daniel took 2nd in his age group.  All three boys competed in the Candy Land tournament where AJ took 3rd in his age group.  AJ also did the Math Mania game show and was eliminated on an annoying question.  They all enjoyed bouncing in the bounce zone, got balloon animals, popcorn, candy & finished the scavenger hunt.  It was a fun but exhausting day.

After the expo we ran to Meijer and Target to get a few things we needed and let the boys spend some of their allowance money.  We also picked up the Target Wish Book so the boys could make their Christmas lists.  And Adrian and I ran next door to grab our free Subway subs from our coupons that we got from the expo.

Monday (11/7) the boys were so excited to go to school because they had a special guest coming - Brutus Buckeye was coming to school!  They were excited to wear red to welcome Brutus to their school.  The students lined the halls while the kids chanted his name, did the OH-IO cheer, sang the Buckeye song & cheered for him.  Brutus ran up and down the hallways.  Daniel got a high five from him, but he missed AJ "because Brutus can't see that well."  They had a fun time and were very excited to tell us all about it.
Tuesday (11/8) was Election Day and all three boys had the day off.  We enjoyed sleeping in a little and not having as much on our schedule.  They came with me to the gym while I taught one class, then we headed to Easton for free cookies from Cheryl's and burgers and shakes for lunch at Steak N Shake.  After that we went and voted together.  They got to push the buttons to get my ballot set up and learned a lot about voting.  After that we went home to relax, play video games and get a few things done around the house.  We ended the day with AJ and Daniel going to their Boy Scout meeting.  And Adrian and I staying up too late watching the election results

Wednesday (11/9) started rough since AJ was not feeling well.  He had to stay home from school which made me have to change my whole schedule for the day.  I got the other two off to school and came home to hang out with AJ.  I probably needed the down day as I was exhausted from staying up late watching election results and also just the whole election cycle.  AJ seemed to be doing better as the day went on so we went to the Y for my afternoon class and then to Zak's soccer make up.  Then it was early bed time for all of us!
Thursday (11/10) AJ still wasn't feel well so he missed school again.  Thankfully Adrian worked from home so I was able to get everyone to school without much trouble.  Then I spent the day with AJ again trying to get stuff done around the house.  Adrian worked a marathon session starting Weds morning and not ending until about 11pm on Thursday.  He will be very busy for the next few months, we already knew that was coming.  We didn't think it would start so soon but I guess it is.  Other than school and work not much else going on today.

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