Saturday, November 5, 2016

Keeping Up With...Family (Weekly Wrap 10/28 - 11/3)

Friday (10/28) everyone did their normal school and work thing during the day.  Then I picked AJ up early for a med check at the pediatrician.  Normally I wouldn't mention this but the nurse weighed him and Zak.  AJ weights 71 lbs (up a pound in 3 months - yay!) and Zak weighs 65 1/2 lbs!!  Yes, he is nearly as heavy as AJ who is 5 years older than him!  Wow!  Also today AJ had his awards assembly for the first quarter of the school year and we were thrilled to see that he earned 3 awards.  He was on the A/B honor roll for his report card, he earned an award for being "Responsible, Respectful & Safe" in school and he earned the library award for his love of books and reading.  He was so excited to show them all to me & we are so proud of him!  I'm most proud that he got both academic and character awards, he is really doing great so far this year.

After school we had a quick dinner then headed up to the Boy Scouts campground for their "Monster Mash."  They had a trail set up where you hiked through for about 2 miles.  There was both a scary and not scary, we chose the not scary one.  There were a few games to play along the way which the boys enjoyed.  It was fun hiking thru the forest in the dark.  When we finished the trail, they had a maze for us to do, mini golf, and a few other "scary" displays.  Then we finished up with a cookie, hot chocolate and some Scooby Doo.  The boys also made a craft - zombie rocks.  When we finished up with all of that, we caught a hay ride back to where we started.  We were all hungry after all of that so we stopped at Menchie's on the ride home to refuel with some ice cream.  Very fun night for all of us!!
Saturday (10/29) was a jam packed fun family day!!  We started with our normal Saturday scheduled activities, Zumba for me, Brain Balance for AJ and soccer for Zak.  Then after a quick lunch at home we headed out to the Lynd's corn maze.  We loved this year's theme, we were spies for General George Washington during the Revolutionary War.  We found all of the markers in both the regular maze and the mini maze.  After we finished both mazes, the boys enjoyed some time in their fun zone while Adrian & I relaxed and rehydrated.
After the corn maze, we ran home, had a quick dinner and got our costumes ready for trick or treat.  It wasn't our town, but the town next door where we have lots of friends from school.  We met up with Daniel's friends Keaton & Sydney as well as my brother, sister in law, niece and nephew.  We went around Keaton's neighborhood for about an hour and a half.  The kids had a great time running around and getting (and eating) candy.  It was fun to see friends out and about as well.  The highlights of the night were meeting a Minion and going thru a house that was decorated as a haunted house.  Those people really did a great job, lots of work went into their house and yard.

When the kids were tired, we went back to Keaton's house and the kids played while the adults chatted and sipped on adult beverages.  It was 60-70 degrees the whole night so we were taking advantage of the nice weather.  Then we came home and ate more junk food, drank more wine and watched the Buckeyes and Indians win!  Such a fun day!!

Sunday (10/30) started with all of us sleeping in.  Daniel & Adrian slept the latest, Daniel until 10 and Adrian until I sent the boys up to wake him up at 11.  We had planned to go to another corn maze but there was a good chance of rain in the afternoon so we decided not to make the trip.  The boys weren't really interested in any of our other options so we stayed home and watched football, played video games & got caught up on some stuff around the house.

Monday (10/31) Happy Halloween!!  We all had our normal stuff during the day, and none of the kids' schools do anything for Halloween, which is fine with me.  It made our evening a little more special since they didn't have a party or anything at school.  When I picked AJ and Daniel up from school I put them all in their costumes and we headed to Krispy Kreme for our free donuts.  We also picked up their free donuts from their great report cards.

After that I headed off to teach a quick but awesome Zumba class.  Then I raced home to do trick or treat with the family and Carl, Sarah, Isabelle & Vincent.  We again had perfect weather and had a great time.  The kids walked for about 90 minutes, which is way longer than any other year we have gone.  They got tons of candy, saw lots of neighbors & had fun.  We also got to see the fire fighters who were driving around passing out candy, go thru another "haunted" house and then come home and eat Jets pizza.  So much fun!!
Tuesday (11/1) was a very low key day for all of us.  Everyone struggled to get to school but we made it.  Zak didn't want to do much after school, just lay around and watch TV.  I think the past few days have caught up with him.  Daniel, Zak and Adrian had chiropractor appointments in the afternoon and then AJ had Brain Balance at night.  So it was still a pretty full day for us.

Wednesday (11/2) was another busy day.  I went into Daniel's classroom to volunteer.  I'm so happy I can go in every other week to help out.  I did sight words with the kids again, which I love.  But this may be my last time doing them because the kids are doing so great, about half the class is already done with all of the books.  After school, we headed to the Y for my Zumba class and then Zak had a soccer make up class.  He enjoyed playing with new kids.  I enjoyed that the class was smaller and it was quieter because there was only one class going on, during our normal Sat class we are one of three classes.

Thursday (11/3) was another rough day getting started because Adrian and I stayed up watching the World Series.  I finally went to bed at midnight when they declared a rain delay.  I was bummed the Indians didn't win, but happy for the Cubs, those fans have waited a long time.  I just barely got everyone to school on time and made it through my day.  AJ had Brain Balance at night and a lot of homework which made for another long night for all of us.

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