Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Keeping Up With...Family (My 39th Birthday)

So on Friday I turned 39.  My guys did an amazing job of planning a special day for me!  Honestly, we had a great weekend celebrating my birthday!

The morning started with Adrian getting up early to go get Dunkin Donuts and Coolattas for us for breakfast.  He also surprised me with roses and chocolate.  He had told me he would go in to work late so we could have breakfast and he could help get the boys off to school.  Around 7:45 I asked him what time he was going to leave for work and he surprised me again by saying he had the whole day off.  YAY!
After some shock and confusion, we decided to send the boys to school and I would be able to go out ALONE to run my morning errands.  I forget how easy it is to do things without little people in tow.  I was so early to my eyebrow wax appointment, I read for almost 30 straight minutes!  When I got home, we decided to pull AJ out of school early when we picked Daniel up.

We spent the rest of the day doing nothing except being together as a family.  We opened my gifts from the boys, a video game and a necklace.  Adrian got me a new box for my essential oils, but it isn't in yet.  We played board games, video games, watched TV and I got to finish my book.  We ordered Jets pizza for dinner so I didn't even have to cook or clean up.  And finished the night with an Oreo Coldstone cake.  It was a truly perfect day.

Daniel & I celebrating my birthday party!
The celebration continued all weekend, as it always does with me.  I spent Saturday at Zumba Toning training (recap tomorrow) and then got free Noodles & Co for dinner and Graeter's Ice Cream for dessert.  Sunday my brother and his family came over and we had homemade pizza and Carvel cake.  It was really a fantastic weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it!

As I enter my last year in my 30's, I can't help but think back to my 30th birthday.  I was freaked out to turn 30.  It felt SO old to me.  But now that this decade is almost over I look back and it has been an amazing decade for me.  I feel like I really found my place in this world taking on the roles of wife, mother, ASL interpreter, Zumba instructor and essential oils wellness advocate.  I have met amazing people through all of these roles.  I feel whole and complete.

As I look forward to turning 40 next year, I'm not freaked out at all.  I'm excited about what the next decade holds.  I don't know if it will top my 30's, but I know I'm gonna give it my all to make it another amazing decade!  Stick around to see how it all plays out!


  1. Sounds like an awesome birthday! Happy birthday! I would love it if my husband took a whole day off for my birthday!

    1. Thanks!! It was amazing! He's been working 50-60 hours every week since Sept so this was a very big deal and super nice surprise!